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New image sensor evaluation kits

New Image Sensor Evaluation Kits

The new NanEyeC demo kits are based on popular Arm Cortex M and Cortex A processor platforms.  Both of them include all necessary drivers to interface to the camera module as well as to the reference schematic for fast hardware implementation.

  • NanoBerry Board
    for more demanding operations like eye tracking or stereo vision systems.


Read also the blog post about NanEye and the press release about NanEyeM the world’s smallest digital camera module for single-use endoscopy.

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Special Features

Datasheet Demo Buy PartNo
NanEyeM Compact camera module solutions for endoscopy 102.4 2.4 1.05 x 1.05 x 2.77 Rolling 49 LVDS Up to 3m cable drive capability NanEyeM
NanEyeC Industry’s smallest complete digital camera module 102.4 2.4 1 Rolling 58 SEIM (1x) 75 Mbps Mono RGB 2x2 SGA Module with integrated optics NanEyeC
NanEye Miniature CMOS image sensor 62 3 1 Rolling 62 LVDS 1x 38Mbps Mono, RGB 2x2 SGA or module with cable Module with integrated optics NanEye