Based on best-in-class VCSEL, these illuminators provide a highly uniform field of illumination (FOI), ideally suited for 3D systems such as ToF based cameras or stereovision as well as 2D imaging solutions in various market segments such as mobile, industrial and automotive in-cabin sensing applications.

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PartNo Description Wavelength


Field of Illumination




Nominal Output Power


Datasheet Demo Buy PartNo
EGA2000 High-power flood illuminator for iToF and 2D imaging systems in industrial market 850, 940 58*41 (N), 74*52 (W) and 104*84 or 102*85 (UW) 4.1*4.1*1.38 4000 - pulsed mode EGA2000
TARA2000-AUT Automotive qualified high-power flood illuminator for 3D ToF and 2D NIR based in-cabin sensing systems 850, 940 46*41 (UN), 59*42 (N), and 125.5*111.5 or 129.5*114.5 (UW) 4.1*4.1*1.38 4000 - pulsed mode TARA2000-AUT
MERANO-Hybrid Flood Illuminator 940 51*64 5.46*3.6*3.66 3200 MERANO-Hybrid
MERANO-PD IR Laser Flood Illuminator Optimised for 3D Optical Sensing 940 52 (H) * 64 (V) 2.4*3.3*1.2 2100 MERANO-PD
PMSILPlus Flood Illuminator 940 76*60 3*3 1000 PMSILPlus