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As a global leader in intelligent sensors and emitters we offer a unique product and technology portfolio for sensing, illumination and visualization:
from high-performance LEDs and lasers to mixed-signal analog ICs and sensors.
Linear Array description

Linear array sensors consist of a linear array of integrating photosensing pixels which measure incident light over a user-defined exposure time and generate a voltage or digital output which represents the light exposure at each pixel. The sensors are available in a variety of lengths and pixel resolutions. The analog output may be directly interfaced to an ADC for digital processing or for comparing black/white thresholds. Applications include contact image sensing, optical character recognition, edge detection, and object measurement in products such as copiers, document scanners and spectroscopy.

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TSL1401CL 128 x 1, with hold 400 DPI TSL1401CL
TSL1401CCS 128 x 1, with hold 400 DPI TSL1401CCS