Point of Care Diagnostics

Fast test and results performed at the patient's location, instead of at a laboratory, will lead to higher quality of care. Locally administered diagnostic services provide many advantages including a shorter waiting time for results and reduced cost. Chip-scale integration and miniaturization are critical elements in the design of successful point of care diagnostic equipment.
As a global leader in optical technology and sensors, our optical sensor technologies support the development of next-generation point of care systems including light detectors, light sources, on-wafer filter technologies and micro-optics lens systems. ams' optical sensor products are available as chips and as optical modules with the modules including light sources and detectors for easy integration into end product designs.

Read more about the ams spectral sensor solution AS7341L and ams and Senova joining efforts on technology to create point-of-care rapid antibody test for Covid-19.

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point of care diagnostics
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AS7341L 10-channel spectrometer for spectral identification and analytic applications Lateral Flow Testing, Point of Care Diagnostics, Analytics I2C OLGA-8 3.1 x 2 x 1 1.8 -30 to 70 AS7341L