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As a global leader in innovative light and sensor solutions we offer a unique product and technology portfolio for sensing, illumination and visualization:
from high-performance LEDs and lasers to mixed-signal analog ICs and sensors.
POS for Automotive
POS for Industrial

Position Sensors for Industrial & Consumer

Our position sensors ideally fit into many industrial and consumer devices, due to their:

  • Best-in-class accuracy

  • Small form factor (WLCSP)

  • Programmable low-power modes

  • Immunity against stray-fields

  • Attractive pricing


Focus products include AS5600, AS5600L and AS5601 for angle sensing, but also AS5047D for motor control.

AS5047D enables motor drives perform more smoothly and precisely – leading to more efficiency and longer battery life.

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POS Longevity

Position Sensors Longevity Program

With the Position Sensors Longevity Program ams continues to be a strong and reliable partner for customers with long lifecycles. This is our commitment to applications like automotive and industrial, which rely on a stable supply of products. The ams Longevity Program, will support all participating position sensor products till at least 1 January 2031.


The key customer benefits of the longevity program are:

  • Long-term supply guarantee and peace of mind for customers due to prolonged availability
  • Strong application engineering support from our technical experts
  • State-of-the-art simulation tools (tool link)
  • Development of measurement set-ups
  • Supported by our standard end-of-life (EOL) notification policies and follow the supply guarantee period
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Angle Position On-Axis

The magnetic rotary position sensor product family detects the absolute angular orientation of an on-axis two-pole magnet rotating over the center of the IC. The absolute angular position can be provided in various formats, including PWM, ABI and UVW, or directly read through the host interface. According to the application’s requirements, resolutions from 8-bit up to 14-bit are available. This technology can be employed in high-accuracy angle position detection, high-speed rotation systems and brushless DC motor control. Any rotary magnetic position sensor can replace either absolute or incremental optical sensors, other magnetic and inductive technologies, potentiometers or magnetic switches.

Featured products

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14-bit on-axis magnetic rotary position sensor with up to 14-bit binary incremental pulse count


High-resolution on-axis magnetic angular position sensor


12-bit on-axis magnetic rotary position sensor with analog or PWM output

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Inductive Motor Control

The inductive motor control position sensor family detects the electrical position within one pole-pair of a rotating shaft and can be used for the motor commutation of a brush-less DC (BLDC) motor. Based on the inductive sensor technology, this family measures the coupling between an excitation coil (TX) and two receiver coils (RX) via a rotating target. The coils are executed as printed circuit coils and the rotating target is a simple punched metal part. With the correct layout of the coils and the target, both synchronized to the number of pole-pair count of the motor, the IC output is proportional to the electrical angular position within one pole-pair segment with increased resolution and high performance of only 0.3° electrical INL!

Featured products

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High performance off-axis inductive position sensor with differential analog SIN/COS output

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Linear Position

The linear magnetic position sensor product family measures the linear movement of a multi-pole magnetic strip. Circular multi-pole magnetic rings can also be used in rotary incremental rotation off-axis applications. This high precision product family allows the user to detect linear movement with a resolution as fine as 0.5μm. All products are aimed at applications which require extreme precision, accuracy, dynamic range and ultra-low power consumption.

Featured products

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Two-dimensional magnetic position sensor with digital coordinates output


160-step linear incremental position sensor with ABI output


10-bit linear position sensor with digital position (interface) output

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