Wireless Sensor Tags & Interfaces

NFC and UHF RFID sensor tags offer a highly integrated solution for remote sensor data logging. The tags conform to the specifications of the NFC/ISO15693 as well as the UHF RFID standards. Featuring on-chip temperature sensing and the exclusive cool-Log™ technology, these sensor tags enable innovative and cost-sensitive solutions in food and pharmaceutical cold-chain management, industrial process control, remote monitoring and healthcare applications. NFiC™ ICs from ams lower the barriers to NFC integration in electronic devices thanks to their small footprint, high data rate, flexible data transfer modes, fully passive NFC tag emulation and advanced energy harvesting. NFC/HF interface tags are best suited to demanding consumer and industrial applications such as zero-power device configuration and set-up, feature-rich contactless cards for payment and authentication, smart toys and connected cars.

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NFC-V sensor tag and data logger IC


NFC T2T to SPI/I2C Interface Tag IC


NFC to SPI/I²C Interface Tag IC

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Wireless Sensor Connectivity

The AS3930/32/33 are a family of ultra-low power, low-frequency wake-up receivers which operate in the frequency range 15-150kHz. They include built in correlators to detect 16- or 32-bit programmable wake-up patterns, and offer the choice of 1 or 3 receive channels depending on the requirement to support a fixed or variable orientation between transmitter and receiver. The AS3935 Franklin lightning sensor estimates the distance to the leading edge of a lightning storm. It detects both cloud-to-cloud and cloud-to-ground lightning. It is ideal for consumer grade, battery operated devices for outdoor weather stations, or for leisure activities such as hiking or golf.

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Programmable 1D LF wake-up receiver


Programmable 3D LF wake-up receiver

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