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AS39513 NFC Sensor Tag IC

NFC-V sensor tag and data logger IC


  • Fully or Semi-passive (BAP) mode: 1.5 or 3V battery
  • On chip 9k EEPROM
  • Accuracy ±0.5ºC from -20ºC to 10ºC
  • Energy harvesting from RF field up to 3mA


  • Programmable logging modes
  • Logging: up to 1020 events with time stamp
  • Supports data logging from various sensors
  • Data tamper protection
  • Long battery life (>1 year with 30mAh battery)

Product parameters

Frequency [MHz] 13.56
Protocol ISO 15693/NFC-V
Supply Voltage [V] RF field or 2.2 to 3.3 or 1.35 to 1.8
Temperature Range [°C] -20 to +65 (operating temperature range)
Interface SPI (slave), analog input
EEPROM [kbit] 9
Features Temperature sensor \ Energy harvest 3mA
Data Rate [kbit/s] Up to 26.48
Package Gold bumped die

General description

The AS39513 is an NFC sensor tag and data logger IC for smart labels which enables more efficient and accurate monitoring of the condition of assets such as food, pharmaceuticals and healthcare products in storage and in transit.
The new device is a complete digital sensor with an NFC front end that can easily be integrated into smart labels. A unique ID as well as logged temperature and other data stored in its internal memory can be read by any authorized NFC reader such as a smartphone or tablet.
The AS39513 is ideal for applications using thin and flexible batteries but it also supports fully passive operation without a battery using the RF field from an RFID reader as a power source.
The AS39513 has a fully integrated temperature sensor with a programmable temperature range (default -20°C to 55°C). The external sensor interface (SEXT) is an analog input and allows the connection of an external sensor.
External power can be supplied from a single-cell battery (typically 1.5 V) or a dual-cell battery (typically 3 V).The AS39513 operates in passive mode and harvests energy from a reader’s incoming RF field, supplying external circuitry with a current of up to 3mA.
The RFID interface is fully ISO 15693 and NFC-V (T5T) compliant.
Configuration and logging data is stored on a configurable 9kbit EEPROM.

Not Recommended for New Designs
ams-OSRAM AG does not recommend using AS39513 for new designs. Final lifetime buy order must be placed by December 31, 2020.

This product suits for the following applications:

  • Monitoring and tracking of temperature-sensitive products
  • Temperature monitoring of medical products
  • Pharmaceutical logistics
  • Monitoring of fragile goods transportation


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DemoKit for AS39513 Application Board Demo Kit for AS39513

Technical documents

Type Description Language
Datasheet Document version 1-10 English
Errata Sheet For use with AS39513 datasheet English
Quick Start Guide Standard Board Android App Quick Start Guide English


Type Description Language
EoL Notification AS39513 (issued 2020-Sep) English

Other information

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Block Diagram AS39513 Block Diagram English
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