NFC and UHF RFID sensor tags offer a highly integrated solution for remote sensor data logging. The tags conform to the specifications of the NFC/ISO15693 as well as the UHF RFID standards. Featuring on-chip temperature sensing and the exclusive cool-Log™ technology, these sensor tags enable innovative and cost-sensitive solutions in food and pharmaceutical cold-chain management, industrial process control, remote monitoring and healthcare applications.
NFiC™ ICs from ams lower the barriers to NFC integration in electronic devices thanks to their small footprint, high data rate, flexible data transfer modes, fully passive NFC tag emulation and advanced energy harvesting.
NFC/HF interface tags are best suited to demanding consumer and industrial applications such as zero-power device configuration and set-up, feature-rich contactless cards for payment and authentication, smart toys and connected cars.

PartNo Description Frequency



Supply Voltage


Temperature Range






Data Rate



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SL900A EPC Gen 2 sensor tag and data logger IC 860-960 EPC Gen2 RF field or 1.2 to 3.6 -40 to +125 SPI (slave), analog inputs 9 Temperature sensor -25°C to +25°C DoW (Die on Wafer) SL900A
AS3956 NFC to SPI/I²C Interface Tag IC 13.56 NFC Forum compliance and ISO 14443A compliance and EMVCo 1.65 to 5.5 -40 to +125 ISO14443A \ SPI slave interface up to 5 Mbit/s \ I²C slave interface up to 1 Mbit/s 4 Type 2 Tag \ Type 4 Tag emulation \ Passive wake-up interrupt \ 32-bit password memory protection \ Silent mode \ Energy harvesting 5mA @ 4.5V 106 MLPD-10, WL-CSP AS3956
AS3953 ISO 14443A to SPI Interface Tag IC 13.56 ISO 14443A NFCIP-1 target at 106kbps NFC Forum T4T emulation RF field or ext. 1.65 to 3.6 -40 to +85 ISO14443A \ 4-wire SPI (slave) up to 5MHz 1 Passive wake-up interrupt Energy harvesting 5mA @ 3.3V Up to 848 Die, MLPD-10, WL-CSP AS3953
AS39513 NFC-V sensor tag and data logger IC 13.56 ISO 15693/NFC-V RF field or 2.2 to 3.3 or 1.35 to 1.8 -20 to +65 (operating temperature range) SPI (slave), analog input 9 Temperature sensor \ Energy harvest 3mA Up to 26.48 Gold bumped die AS39513