Longevity Program
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Longevity program

Position Sensors Longevity Program

The ams longevity program aims to support customers who require a strong and reliable partner for supplying position sensors. Some industrial and automotive applications require long-lifecycles, and our customers know they can rely on us for assistance. The ams Longevity Program, will support all participating position sensor products till at least 1 January 2031.


The key customer benefits of the longevity program are:

  • Long-term supply guarantee and peace of mind for customers due to prolonged availability

  • Strong application engineering support from our technical experts

  • State-of-the-art simulation tools

  • Development of measurement set-ups

  • Supported by our standard end-of-life (EOL) notification policies and follow the supply guarantee period


The ams Longevity Program is based on the strong strategic partnerships and longevity planning with our supply chain, ensuring the availability of manufacturing equipment and stable and flexible supply of the all required materials and components for the duration of the program.


All participating products are listed in the table below. Please contact our sensor experts to learn more.


* If there is a technology process update or manufacturing change, the product is requalified. A migration to a form, fit, function compatible product may also be necessary to guarantee high-quality products. All changes are supported by the ams PCN process.

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