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NanEyeC Integrated Camera Module

Industry’s smallest complete digital camera module


  • Ideal for applications with extreme size restrictions
  • Sharp and accurate image
  • High end optics offering low distortion
  • Digital Interface


  • High end optics
  • Multi element lens for optimal image quality
  • Up to 58fps
  • Possible to switch the serial interface to single ended mode for easier connection to ISPs
  • Footprint of 1mm² with 4 contact pads
  • Cost-optimized complete camera module

Product parameters

Resolution [kP] 102.4
Pixel Size [µm] 2.4
Size [mm2] 1
Shutter Type Rolling
Frame Rate [fps] 58
Output Interface SEIM (1x) 75 Mbps
Option Mono RGB
Package 2x2 SGA
Special Features Module with integrated optics

General description

Industry´s smallest digital camera module targeting mobile or wearable consumer devices as well as medical applications. The ams NanEyeC camera module offers a unique solution for video applications where the camera must be virtually invisible to the end user, or be accommodated in a very small space.

This product suits for the following applications:

  • Capsule endoscopy
  • Dental scanning
  • HABA / smart home: home robots, occupancy detection
  • Eye tracking (VR/AR headsets)
  • IoT sensor hubs


Title Category Headline Buy
NanoBerry Eval Kit Application Board NanoBerry Evaluation Kit for NanEyeC

Technical documents

Type Description Language
Datasheet Miniature Camera Module
Application Note NanEyeC MCU Interface English

Environmental documents

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RoHS Certificate RoHS Certificate NanEyeM, NanEyeC English


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Other information

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Block Diagram NanEyeC/M Block Diagram English
Image NanEyeC/M picture (3D) English
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Miniature Camera Module - NanEyeC demo video

Watch the demo about NanEyeC - the smallest digital camera module

This full-featured image sensor is offering unique solutions for size-critical consumer, robotics and HABA applications. 

At 1mm2, the new surface-mount NanEyeC image sensor’s wafer-level integrated optics make it possible to integrate into any size-constrained application to add visualization. NanEyeC also features a single-ended interface mode for a connection to commonly used SOC processors without needing the LVDS deserialization (using SEIM), offering a cost-optimized solution.