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Miniature CMOS image sensor


  • Footprint of 1mm x 1mm with 4 contact pads
  • Frame rate of 43-62fps @ 249x250 resolution
  • Possible to drive a signal through an endoscope of up to 3m
  • Designed with a focus on cost efficiency
  • 3-micron high sensitive pixel with 62k pixel resolution (125k for stereo module)


  • Designed for the toughest confined space requirements
  • Smooth and accurate image
  • Reach further
  • Affordable single use application
  • Envision the unseen

Product parameters

Resolution [kP] 62
Pixel Size [µm] 3
Size [mm2] 1
Shutter Type Rolling
Frame Rate [fps] 62
Output Interface​ LVDS 1x 38Mbps
Option Mono, RGB
Package 2x2 SGA or module with cable
Special Features Module with integrated optics

General Description

NanEye is a miniature sized image sensor for applications where size is a critical factor. The ability of the camera head to drive a signal through a cable up to 3m makes this the ideal component for minimal diameter endoscopes.
With a footprint of just 1mmx1mm, it features a 249x250 resolution with a high sensitive 3um x 3um rolling shutter pixel. The sensor has a high frame rate of about 43fps to 62fps adjustable over power supply.
The sensor includes a 10bit ADC and a bit serial LVDS data interface.
The data line is semi duplex, such that configuration can be communicated to the sensor in the frame brake.

This product suits for the following applications:

  • Medical (Endoscopy, Intraoral Scanning)
  • Industrial Endoscopy, Robotics, IoT
  • Wearable Devices (Eye Tracking, Virtual/Augmented Reality, Gesture Recognition)


Title Category Headline Buy
NanoUSB2 Eval Kit Application Board NanoUSB2 Eval Kit
NanEye_FOB_2.0 Application Board NanEye Fiber Optic Box 2.0

Technical Documents

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Datasheet 1x1mm, 250x250 pixel; full datasheet English
Application Note NanEye 2D Module - Handling Manual English
Other Product Document RoHS English
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Type Description Language

Other Information

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Block Diagram NanEye 2D Block Diagram English
Factsheet NanEye USB/HDMI Fiber Optic Box English
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