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NanEyeM Miniature Camera Modules

Compact camera module solutions for endoscopy


  • Footprint of 1mm² with cable assembly
  • Frame rate of 3-49fps @ 320x320 resolution
  • High end optics. Multi element lens for optimal image quality
  • Low EMI with long cable. No coaxial/shielded cable necessary for noise reduction
  • Possible to drive a signal through an endoscope of up to 3m
  • Cost-optimized complete camera module
  • 102.4k pixel resolution using 2.4µm highly sensitive pixel
  • Pre-assembled cable eliminates the complexities of cable procurement and attachment. Length is customizable up to 3m


  • Compact size for applications with strict size restrictions
  • EMI & EMC compliant digital interface, no coax or shielded cables necessary
  • Complete solution including optics & cable for easy integration
  • Multi element lens - Reduced distortion, improved MTF
  • Reduced noise and higher light efficiency by increased resolution
  • Cost-optimized module for single-use

Product parameters

Resolution [kP] 102.4
Pixel Size [µm] 2.4
Size [mm2] 1.05 x 1.05 x 2.77
Shutter Type Rolling
Frame Rate [fps] 49
Output Interface LVDS
Special Features Up to 3m cable drive capability

General description

NanEyeM is a miniature sized image sensor for vision applications where size is a critical factor. The ability of the camera head to drive a signal through long cables makes this the ideal component for minimal diameter endoscopes. 

With a footprint of a just 1 mm2, it features a 320x320 resolution with a high sensitive 2.4-micron rolling shutter pixel, with large full well capacitance. The sensor has been specially designed for medical endoscopic applications where high SNR is mandatory. The sensor has a high frame rate of about 49 fps to permit SNR enhancement and a smooth, low delay display over a wide range of standard interfaces. Additionally,  the frame rate can be set as low as 9 fps for use of extended exposure time and lower power consumption. 

The sensor includes a 10-bit ADC and a bit serial LVDS data interface. The sensor is able to drive the signal through a cable length of up to 3 m.

This product suits for the following applications:

  • Single-use medical endoscopy
  • Industrial endoscopy
  • Surgical robotics


Title Category Headline Buy
NanEye_FOB_2.0 Application Board NanEye Fiber Optic Box 2.0


Type Description Language
Evaluation Software NanEye_EvalSW_Viewer_pWin_v6-6-3-3.exe This software evaluates the NanEye2D sensor with NanoUSB2.2 and NanEye2D/M sensors with FOB2.0. EN
Demo NanEye_EvalSW_API_FiberOpticBox_csharp_pWin_v2-4-3-1.exe C# .NET API to develop software application for NanEye EN

Technical documents

Type Description Language
Datasheet NanEyeM Datasheet - Miniature Camera Module English
User Guide NanEye Evaluation Kits English

Environmental documents

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RoHS Certificate RoHS Certificate NanEyeM, NanEyeC English


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Other information

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Block Diagram Block Diagram NanEye_M English
Image NanEyeM size comparison1
Image NanEyeM perspective view
Image NanEyeM size comparison2 view1
Image NanEyeM size comparison2 view2
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