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VGA global shutter CMOS image sensor for machine vison


  • Global shutter
  • High speed (480fps)


  • Freeze moving objects
  • Track moving objects accurately and high inspection rate

Product parameters

Resolution [MP] 0.3
Pixel Size [µm] 7.4
Optical Format / Size 1/3"
Shutter Type Global
Frame Rate [fps] 480
Output Interface​ LVDS 4x 480Mbps or 1 parallel CMOS Output (120fps limited)
Option Mono, RGB
Package 58p BGA CSP
Special Features Subsampling, HDR
Socket Andon Electronics Adapter: 17-08-08-058-321-G10-L14

General Description

The CMV300 is a high speed CMOS image sensor with 640 by 480 pixels (1/3" optical format) developed for machine vision applications. The image array consists of 7.4μm x 7.4μm pipelined global shutter pixels allowing exposure during read out and CDS operation. The user can choose between four digital LVDS serial outputs of 12 bits each, or one 10-bit parallel CMOS output. The image sensor integrates a programmable gain amplifier and offset regulation. Each LVDS channel runs at 480 Mbps maximum resultsing in 480 fps maximum at full resolution. Higher frame rates can be achieved in row-windowing or row-subsampling mode. All modes are programmable using the SPI interface. All internal exposure triggers, read-out timings and high speed clocks are generated by a programmable on-board sequencer and PLL. External triggering and exposure programming is also possible. Extended optical dynamic range can be achieved by multiple integrated high dynamic range modes.

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This product suits for the following applications:

  • 3D imaging
  • Machine vision
  • Motion capture
  • Bar and 2D code

Technical Documents

Name Type Description Version Language
CMVxxx_AN000362_1-00.pdf Application Note HDR Modes 1-00 English
CMVxxx_AN000361_1-00.pdf Application Note Design and Layout Practices 1-00 English
CMVxxx_AN000360_1-00.pdf Application Note Temperature Sensor Calibration 1-00 English
CMVxxx_AN000358_1-00.pdf Application Note Sensor Cooling Techniques 1-00 English
CMVxxx_AN000357_1-00.pdf Application Note Handling Image Sensors 1-00 English
CMVxxx_AN000355_1-00.pdf Application Note Sensor Calibration 1-00 English
CMV300_DS000428_1-00.pdf Datasheet Document version 2.10 1-00 English
CMV300_FS000155_1-00.pdf Factsheet CMV300 VGA high speed global shutter image sensor 1-00 English
CMV300_PD000424_1-00.JPG Other Product Document CMV300 Evaluation Kit 1-00 English
CMV300_PD000124_1-00.pdf Other Product Document RoHS 1-00 English
CMOSImageSensors_PD000121_2-00.pdf Other Product Document Product Catalog CMOS Image Sensors 2-00 English
CMV300_UG000298_1-00.pdf User Guide Evaluation System Manual 1-00 English

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