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12Mp High Speed Machine Vision Global Shutter CMOS Image Sensor


  • Global shutter
  • Resolution of 4096x3072 pixel at 300 frames per second
  • Selectable ADC Resolution
  • High dynamic range mode with dual exposure and piecewise linear response options


  • Freeze moving objects
  • Designed for high performance applications
  • Choose between maximum frame rate (10bit) or better image quality (12bit)
  • See bright and dark objects at the same time

Product parameters

Resolution [MP] 12.6
Pixel Size [µm] 5.5
Optical Format / Size APS-like
Shutter Type Global
Frame Rate [fps] 300
Output Interface​ LVDS 64x 600Mbps
Option Mono, RGB, NIR
Package 237p Ceramic μPGA
Special Features Subsampling, Binning, HDR
Socket Andon Electronics

General Description

The CMV12000 is a high sensitivity pipelined global shutter CMOS image sensor with a resolution of 4096 x 3072 pixels (ultra HD 4:3 format). Pipelining means that exposure during read out is possible. The state-of-the-art pixel design makes true correlated double sampling (CDS) possible which reduces the fixed pattern noise and dark noise significantly. The imager integrates 64 LVDS channels each running at 300 Mbps resulting in a 300 fps frame rate at full resolution with 10 bits per pixel data output. Driving and read-out programming can be set over a serial peripheral interface. An internal timing generator produces the signals needed for read-out and exposure of the image sensor while external exposure triggering remains possible.
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This product suits for the following applications:

  • Machine Vision
  • Video/Broadcast
  • Motion Capture
  • Intelligent Transportation System

Technical Documents

Name Type Description Version Language
CMV12000_AN000462_1-00.pdf Application Note version differences; replace v1 with v2 1-00 English
CMVxxx_AN000362_1-00.pdf Application Note HDR Modes 1-00 English
CMVxxx_AN000361_1-00.pdf Application Note Design and Layout Practices 1-00 English
CMVxxx_AN000360_1-00.pdf Application Note Temperature Sensor Calibration 1-00 English
CMVxxx_AN000358_1-00.pdf Application Note Sensor Cooling Techniques 1-00 English
CMVxxx_AN000357_1-00.pdf Application Note Handling Image Sensors 1-00 English
CMVxxx_AN000355_1-00.pdf Application Note Sensor Calibration 1-00 English
CMV12000_DS000439_3-00.pdf Datasheet V2 full datasheet; document version v2.14 3-00 English
CMV12000_EN000134_1-00.pdf EoL Notification CMV12000HG variants (issued 2017-Jul) 1-00 English
CHR71000_CMV12000_CMV2000_CMV4000_EN000159_1-00.pdf EoL Notification Some specific variants of CHR71000, CMV2000, CMV4000, CMV12000 (issued 2018-Oct) 1-00 English
CHR71000_CMV12000_CMV2000_CMV20000_CMV4000_CMV8000_EN000152_1-00.pdf EoL Notification Some specific variants of CHR71000, CMV12000, CMV20000, CMV2000, CMV4000, CMV8000 (issued 2018-Apr) 1-00 English
CMV12000_FS000159_1-00.pdf Factsheet CMV12000 12MP high speed global shutter image sensor 1-00 English
CMV12000_PD000407_1-00.jpg Other Product Document CMV12000 Evaluation Kit 1-00 English
CMV12000_PD000129_1-00.pdf Other Product Document RoHS 1-00 English
CMOSImageSensors_PD000121_2-00.pdf Other Product Document Product Catalog CMOS Image Sensors 2-00 English
CMV12000_PN000140_1-00.pdf Product Change Notification CN11-2018 (CMV12000) 1-00 English
CMV12000_UG000304_1-00.pdf User Guide Evaluation System Manual 1-00 English

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