AS7620 Buck Converter

HV DC-DC step-down converter, 32V, with dual power monitor


  • Input 3.6V to 32V
  • 500mA (typical) @1.2V to Vin
  • Up to 90% efficiency


  • 24V industrial supply rail
  • Flexible use
  • Good thermal performance

Product parameters

Input Voltage [V] 3.6 to 32
Output Voltage [V] AS7620-A: 1.2 to Vin \ AS7620-B: 3.3
Output Current [mA] 500 (typical)
Efficiency [%] 90 (max.)
Iq [µA] 30 (typical)
Architecture Hysteretic, async.
fmax [kHz] >250
Enable/SHDN [/SHDN] Yes
Reset [POK] Yes
Features Early power fail warning \ 100% duty cycle
Package QFN-12 (4x4 mm)

General Description

The AS7620 is a high-efficiency, high-voltage, hysteretic DC-DC step-down converter capable to drive 500mA (typical, 650mA peak) at 1.2V to Vin output with up to 90% efficiency. The devise operates on wide input voltage range, from 3.6V up to 32V. Low IQ current of 30μA and on-demand switching extends the battery life on low load applications.

Not Recommended for New Designs
ams AG is discontinuing production of this device.

This product suits for the following applications:

  • Industrial 24VDC applications like PLCs and robotics
  • Home security and building control applications
  • Solid state utility meters
  • Signage and LED column power
  • Sensor interfaces


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AS7620EvalKit Application Board Evaluation Kit for AS7620

Technical Documents

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Datasheet Document version 1.18 English


Type Description Language
EoL Notification AS2540, AS13xx, AS3668, AS3709, AS371x, AS7620 (issued 2019-Jun) English

Other Information

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Block Diagram AS7620 Block Diagram English
Block Diagram As7620 Application Diagram English