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Digital Augmented Hearing


  • Automatic Leakage Compensation algorithm
  • Automatic Ambient Preset Selection algorithm
  • Low Latency as little as 4.3µs
  • Ultra Low Power (5mW@1.35V digital core for Hybrid ANC)
  • Highest Filter Design Flexibility with flexible design tool and filter prediction algorithms


  • Best in Class ANC Performance (through low latency)
  • Natural Augmented hearing
  • Longest Battery Lifetime
  • User friendly filter development
  • Small form factor

Product parameters

Function Digital ANC and Augmented Hearing
Topology FF, FB, Hybrid
Output Type Stereo Fully Differential
Max. Output Power 30mW@32 Ohm load; 50mW@16 Ohm load
SNR, THD 110dB, 80dB @10mW output power (32 Ohm load)
ANC Performance >40dB
Supply Voltage 1.8V (typ)
Package FBGA36

General description

The AS3460 is a low power, small size Digital Augmented Hearing companion device. It allows the customer to enable ANC and Hearing Augmentation on all form factors. Loose fit -, closed fit earbuds and neckbands, on- and over the ear headphones.
This unique combination of optimized hard- and software, for the first time in the market, enables ANC on loose fit earbuds.

This product suits for the following applications:

  • True wireless earbuds
  • Neckband earbuds
  • On-ear headphones
  • Over-ear headphones
  • Over-the-counter hearing aids
  • Sleep buds


Title Category Headline Buy
Digital Augmented Hearing Demo Kit Application Board Digital Augmented Hearing Demo Kit


Type Description Language
Library BluetoothSoC EN
Library BluetoothSoC EN
Library AS3460_Lib_ReleaseNotes_v1-25-11.pdf EN
Library AS3460_Lib_ReleaseNotes_v1-24-8.pdf EN
Library AS3460_Lib_ReleaseNotes_v1-22-11.pdf EN
Library AS3460_Lib_ReleaseNotes_update_v1-22-11.pdf EN
Library AS3460_Lib_Handbook_v1-12-0.pdf EN
Library AS3460_Lib_DigitalHeadphoneCharacterization_v1-0-0.pdf EN
Library EN
Library EN
Library EN
Evaluation Software AS3460_EvalSW_FleX_99_v1-22-11.exe EN
Evaluation Software AS3460_EvalSW_FleX_86_v1-21-8.exe EN
Evaluation Software AS3460_EvalSW_FleX_77_v1-19-0.exe EN
Evaluation Software AS3460_EvalSW_FleX_67_v1-15-0.exe EN
Evaluation Software AS3460_EvalSW_FleX_60_v1-12-0.exe EN
Evaluation Software AS3460_EvalSW_FleX_133_v1-26-3.exe EN
Evaluation Software AS3460_EvalSW_FleX_112_v1-24-8.exe EN
Evaluation Software AS3460_EvalSW_FleX_105_v1-23-5.exe EN
App AS3460_App_EnvironmentalNoise_pAndroid_v1-1-0.apk EN

Technical documents

Type Description Language
Application Note AS3460 Automatic Leakage Compensation Calibration English
User Guide AS3460 Digital Augmented Hearing Demo Kit User Manual English

Environmental documents

Type Description Language
RoHS Certificate RoHS AS3460 English


Type Description Language
Product Change Notification CN09-2020 (AS3460 - Digital Augmented Hearing firmware upgrade capability) English
Product Change Notification CN47-2020 (issued 2020-Oct) English

Other information

Type Description Language
Block Diagram Block Diagram AS3460 English
Image AS3460 Top
Image AS3460 Top Perspective
Image AS3460 Bottom
Image AS3460 Bottom Perspective
Augmented Hearing Video

Digital Augmented Hearing AS3460

Through enhancing user experience and simplifying design, we at ams are innovating consumer products. Now we are introducing Digital Augmented Hearing, our latest breakthrough in audio sensing technology, bringing Active Noise Cancellation to the increasingly popular wireless in-ear headphones - even those with comfortable loose-fit designs.

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