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The ams brand, owned by ams AG, the OSRAM brand, owned by OSRAM GmbH, are separately registered trademarks.
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ams supervisors offer high accuracy and low power consumption. In battery-powered systems in particular, the supply must be monitored in order to perform safe start-up and shut-down operations. For multi-supply applications, power monitoring is essential for safe operation. The ams portfolio of supervisory products provides a comprehensive choice of functions including watchdog, manual reset, and dual, triple and quad voltage supervisors.

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PartNo Description Supervised Voltages

V (IN1)


Push/Pull Active Low

Push/Pull Active High



Man. Reset

Supply Current


Supply Voltage



Datasheet Demo Buy PartNo
AS1917 Microprocessor supervisory circuits with manual reset and watchdog 1.58 to 3.6 1 No Yes No Yes Yes 5.5 1.0 to 3.6 SOT23-5 AS1917