Air Quality Sensors

ams supplies gas sensor solutions for air quality monitoring in a wide range of applications including automotive systems, consumer devices and industrial equipment. The ams portfolio extends from simple analogue devices such as the AS-MPLV2 and CCS801 to complete off-the-shelf solutions such as the IAQ Core and CCS811. Integrated modular solutions are supplied with embedded software for converting gas measurements into air quality measurements expressed in terms of a TVOC (total volatile organic compounds) or equivalent CO2 value.

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iAQ-Core P

Indoor air quality module, I2C interface, pulsed operation mode


Ultra-low power digital gas sensor for monitoring indoor air quality


MEMS MOS gas sensor component for VOC detection

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Relative Humidity and Temperature Sensors

ams temperature and relative humidity sensors are ideal for space- and power-constrained designs such as portable and connected smart home devices and home appliances. The ENS210 digital relative humidity and temperature sensor is pre-calibrated and ready to use when shipped. ams digital temperature sensors offers high accuracy and very low power consumption, and is housed in a compact WLCSP package.

Featured products

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High accurate digital temperature sensor


Cold chain digital temperature sensor


High accurate digital temperature sensors (AS6212, AS6214 & AS6218)

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