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Adapter Board for AS8579

General description

The Adapter Board is designed for first evaluation of AS8579 capacitive sensors features and benefits. The PCB is equipped with all basic necessary components for easy plug'n'play evaluation. 
For communication and configuration of Sensor the adapter board can be connected either to an external microcontroller or to the USB I&P Box.

Technical documents

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User Guide AS8579 Adapter Board English

Other information

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Image AS8579 Adaptor Board Picture
ams Capacitive Sensor – Adapter Board

Learn the basics about AS8579

A Capacitive Sensor detects the change of capacity in different applications by measuring the relative change of the impedance. This allows the detection of both the ideal situation, but also those cases where environmental changes (like a wet hand, gloves, etc.) have added a parallel resistive component along with a change in the capacitance.


The AS8579 Adapter Board includes all the necessary components for operation. So it is ideal for initial evaluation and prototyping. Additionally, the basic information is also shown in the AS8579 Adapter Board video


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