Evaluation board for AS73211 with I2C interface

General Description

The evaluation board includes the sensor AS73211 with I2C interface, which filters are based on the CIE1931 standard. The sensor includes an integrated analog-to-digital converter which realizes a current to capacity digitizing within a high dynamic range and 24 Bit ADC resolution. Further components on board are an EEPROM, power regulator and a standard I2C interface. I2C is used for external communication, configuration of the sensor, readout of the sensor data as well as reading and writing of the memory.

Technical Documents

Type Description Language
Application Note AS73211-AB5 hardware description (2V01) English

Other Information

Type Description Language
Image Picture AS73211-AB5 English


Type Description Language
Evaluation Software AS73211_EvalSW_USBBox_pWin_v1-2.zip AS73211 Evaluation Kit for CIE1931 XYZ Color Measurement EN

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