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AS7221 CCT Tuning Smart Lighting Manager

Tunable white lighting, simplified!


  • Intelligent controller with integrated XYZ tristimulus sensor
  • Selectable drive modes, including PWM-switched current steering or PWM-based duty cycle management
  • Built-in 0-10V analog or PWM digital dimming outputs generator for precise 1% dimming
  • 20-pin LGA 4.5mm x 4.7mm x 2.5mm, -40°C to 85°C


  • Lowers overall manufactured costs and adds precision to tunable white luminaires and lamps
  • Enables cost-optimized single channel drivers to deliver a precise tunable white result
  • Supports legacy IO approaches, as well as digital deep dimming
  • Compact lighting-capable package with no added optics required

Product parameters

Sensor Type True color XYZ (CIE)
Application CCT tunable luminaires and IoT smart lights
UART Serial
Reference Networking BLE, serial
Smart Ltg Command Set Yes
Lux/CCT Control CCT/Lux command set
I²C Master to support TSL45315 ALS, plus CCS811 VOC, ENS210 T&H
Package LGA (5x5x2.5)

General Description

Simplify tunable white lighting systems with the AS7221 sensor-integrated IoT smart lighting manager. The AS7221 will lower the manufactured cost of your tunable white lighting system. Closed loop calibrated tri-stimulus color sensing for direct CIE color point mapping and control enables lower precision components to produce a higher-quality tunable white luminaire or replacement lamp. Pre-calibrated to a typical 2 SDCM accuracy, this network enabled chip-scale solution uses a simple text-based smart lighting command set via the serial UART interface to deliver easy integration to standard network clients. Legacy controls are also supported with direct connection to 0-10V controls,. Control outputs include direct PWM management of digital LED drivers or analog 0-10V for standard dimmable drivers.

This product suits for the following applications:

  • Intelligent, networked solid-state lighting manager for variable CCT and daylight harvesting
  • Integrated smart lighting control of variable CCT white lighting solutions
  • Luminaires intended to meet California Title 24 daylighting requirements
  • Commercial, retail, and residential white/color changing LED lighting systems
  • Networked lighting systems with IoT sensor expandability


Title Category Headline Buy
AS7221/20/11/10 Smart Lighting IntegrationKit Application Board Smart Lighting Integration Kit for AS722x/1x


Name Type Description Language
AS7221_AD000173_1-00.pdf Application Data Reference Design and Schematic Light Manager 3V4 English Software AS722x_EvalSWandFWLighting_v12-0-1 English

Technical Documents

Name Type Description Version Language
AS7211_21_AN000455_2-00.pdf Application Note ams Smart Lighting Managers in ZigBee Networks 2-00 English
AS7211_21_AN000452_1-00.pdf Application Note AS72x1 Luminaire Design Considerations 1-00 English
AS7221_AN000453_3-00.pdf Application Note True Color Luminaire Design Bluetooth Connected 3-00 English
AS7211_AS7221_AN000456_3-00.pdf Application Note System Time Design Options 3-00 English
AS7221_AN000499_3-00.pdf Application Note AS72xx External Flash program and update 10V1 3-00 English
AS72xx_AN000534_1-00.pdf Application Note AS72xx – EEPROM Updating using I2C 1V02 1-00 English
AS7221_AS726x_AN000557_1-00.pdf Application Note AS72xx How to Flash AS72xx Firmware using 1-00 English
AS72xx_AN000488_3-00.pdf Application Note AS72xx How to Program AS72xx Firmware with FlashCatUSB 1V24 3-00 English
AS7221_BD000347_1-00.png Block Diagram AS7221 Block Diagram 1-00 English
AS7221_DS000479_3-01.pdf Datasheet 3-01 English
AS7221_FS000161_1-00.pdf Factsheet 2015-02 1-00 English
AS721x_AS7221_PD000202_1-00.png Other Product Document AS72xxIntegrationKit Image 1-00 English
AS7221_PD000170_1-00.pdf Other Product Document Reference Design and Schematic Light Manager 3V4 1-00 English
SmartLighting_PD000460_1-00.pdf Other Product Document ams Smart Lighting Short Intro-Jun 2018 1-00 English
AS7221_UG000333_3-00.pdf User Guide AS7221 Spectral Sensor Dashboard Installation & Operation Guide 3-00 English
AS7221_UG000320_3-00.pdf User Guide AS7221 Smart Lighting Integration Kit (SLIK) User Guide 3-00 English

AS7221 Video

AS7221 Sensor Driven Lighting

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