General Description

The AS585x Eval Kit is a stand-alone system, which allows the AS585x complete configuration, the measurement of all the relevant parameter (like noise and input linearity) and the connection to an X-ray photodetector panel.

Two different AS585x samples are included in the Eval Kit in order to perform the complete evaluation:
1. AS585x Chip-on-Board (COB) sample: The AS585x die is directly bonded to the AS585x sample board, which is equipped with the signal generator circuitry. Such circuitry allows the generation of the input signals that emulate the photodetector as on the real application.
2. AS585x Chip-on-Flex (COF) sample: The default package type of the AS585x, where the die is bonded on a flex substrate. Such package allows the direct connection to an X-ray photodetector panel.

Technical Documents

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User Guide AS585x Standard Board Eval Kit English

Other Information

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