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Demo Kit NFiC for AS3953

General description

Please note, the AS3953 antenna demo tag must be used in conjunction with a microcontroller (MCU) and connected via SPI. Consider the below options to start configuring the AS3953 antenna tag. Options: 

 - Use the MCU from complete development kit that can be ordered here: - Download the development resources and build your own copy of the PIC 24 MCU board included in our development kit. 
- Connect the AS3953 NFiC Antenna Tag to any MCU in your existing system. In case a different MCU than PIC24 is being used, the existing firmware of our development kit must be ported. The complete sources of our AS3953 development kit can be downloaded as a package clicking on "Documents" below.

Please note that ams-OSRAM AG is discontinuing production of AS3953.

Technical documents

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User Guide Demo board - General purpose English

Other information

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Image AS3953DemoKitNFiC Image English


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Application Data Demonstrator data English
Application Data Demokit data English
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