AS3716 Power Management Unit

3 buck DC-DC, 2 buck controller, 8 LDOs, 2 boost converters, general purpose ADC


  • OTP programmable boot sequence
  • DC-DC controller for remote power generation and heat distribution
  • Dual charger power path and DC-DC charger mode
  • HDMI boost, backlight boost and HV current sinks
  • 4MHz DC-DC bucks, supervisor, general purpose IOs, ADC


  • Flexible and fast adaptation to different processors/applications
  • Compact design due to small coils
  • JEITA charger temperature supervision
  • Single or dual-phase controller to adjust efficiency
  • Multi-feature, small footprint

Product parameters

DC-DC Step Up Converters 1x general purpose (voltage or current output)
DC-DC Step Down Converters 2A + 2x1A + 2x8A \ 4A configurable
Special LDOs [mA] ANA-4x250
Universal LDOs [mA] 4x300
Current Sinks [mA] 3x40
Charge Pump [V/mA] 5 / 60
Audio DAC [dB SNR]
Audio ADC [dB SNR]
Audio Features
General Purpose ADC [bit] 10
Charger 1.5A linear/DC-DC dual input
Customizable Startup Sequences Programmable
Package CSP-99, 0.4mm pitch

General Description

The AS3716 is a compact system PMU supporting two Li-ion batteries and up to 15 power rails.

The device offers advanced power management functions. All necessary ICs and peripherals in a battery-powered mobile device are supplied by the AS3716. It features 3 DC-DC buck converters, two DC-DC buck controller, a 5V HDMI booster, a HV backlight boost controller with 3 current sinks as well as 8 LDOs (4 low noise).

AS3716 contains a linear or switch mode Li-ion battery charger with constant current and constant voltage operation.

This product suits for the following applications:

  • Digital still cameras
  • Outdoor action cameras
  • Digital movie cameras
  • General Li-ion battery-powered mobile devices

Other Information

Type Description Language
Block Diagram AS3716 Block Diagram English