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AS3418 - Active Noise Cancellation

Enhanced ultra-small ANC speaker driver


  • Integrated music bypass switch
  • Low power consumption (<10mW@1.8V)
  • EEPROM memory for standalone mode
  • 118.5dB signal to noise ratio (Line->HPH)
  • I2C control interface
  • Mono differential line input support
  • TWS Hybrid ANC Support
  • WL-CSP25 2.45x2.93mm package; 0.4mm pitch


  • Longest battery lifetime
  • Smallest PCB size (less than 0.5cm²)
  • Best-in-class ANC performance
  • Lowest hiss noise level
  • ANC level control
  • Ambient noise monitor mode

Product parameters

Function Receive path
Topology Feedforward, Feedback, Hybrid
Output Type Stereo/BTL
Max. Output Power 130mW (Mono Differential; 32 Ohm load)
SNR, THD 118.5dB, 0.007% (SE, 30mW, 32 Ohm load)
ANC Performance >30dB
Supply Voltage 1.4V to 1.8V
Package WL-CSP25 (2.45x2.93)

General Description

Analog ANC solution

The AS3418 is ideally suited to enable ANC for true wireless earbuds due to its smallest size, lowest power consumption and best-in-class ANC. It improves the quality of music listening or phone conversations by reducing background ambient noise (>30dB). Because of its small system footprint, manufacturers are empowered to build ANC in very small and aesthetic form factors.

This product suits for the following applications:

  • TrueWireless ANC earbuds
  • Mono Earpieces
  • Stereo Earpieces
  • USB-C Headsets
  • MFi Headsets


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AS3418 Evaluation Kit Application Board AS3418 Evaluation Kit

Other Information

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Block Diagram AS3418 Block Diagram English

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