AS5715R inductive motor control position sensor

High performance off-axis inductive position sensor with differential analog SIN/COS output


  • Can be used in environments where lateral space is at a premium
  • Can sense motors with low and high pole-pair counts without losing resolution
  • Reduces torque ripple and increases efficiency of motor control
  • Works with motors up to 480 000rpm
  • Easy replacement of existing AMR/GMR sensors
  • Enabler for safety critical applications
  • Suitable for automotive applications


  • Flexible pcb design possible – Hollow shaft and side shaft applications
  • Adaptable coil and sensor layout
  • High angular accuracy (less than 1.0°)
  • Low propagation delay
  • Sin/Cos output
  • Functional safety, diagnostics
  • AEC-Q100 Grade 0 qualified

Product parameters

Resolution 0.3° elctrical INL
Interfaces I2C
Output Differential analog SIN/COS
Max. Speed [rpm] 100000 (for 4-pole-pair)
Overvoltage Protection Yes
Redundant No
Supply Voltage [V] 5.0
Temperature Range [°C] -40 to 160
Package TSSOP-14
Automotive Qualified Yes

General Description

The inductive motor control position sensor detects the electrical position within one pole-pair of a rotating shaft and can be used for the motor commutation of a brushless DC (BLDC) motor. Based on the inductive sensor technology, this family measures the coupling between an excitation coil (TX) and two receiver coils (RX) via a rotating target. The coils are executed as printed circuit coils and the rotating target is a simple punched metal part. With the correct layout of the coils and the target, both synchronized to the number of pole-pair count of the motor, the IC output is proportional to the electrical angular position within one pole-pair segment with increased resolution and high performance of only 0.3° electrical INL!
Due to its flexibility, easy adaption and low overall system costs, this family acts as the perfect resolver replacement and can be used for on-axis as well off-axis applications!

This product suits for the following applications:

  • EPS motor drive
  • HVAC pumps
  • Electric window lift


Title Category Headline Buy
AS5715RReferenceBoard Application Board Reference Board for AS5715R
AS5715R Evaluation Programmer Board Tools AS5715R Evaluation Programmer Board

Environmental Documents

Type Description Language
RoHS Certificate RoHS Certificate_AS5715R English

Other Information

Type Description Language
Block Diagram Block diagram AS5715R English
Factsheet Precise Position Sensing with Inductive Technology (Application Sheet /Example) English
Factsheet Inductive High Speed Motor Control (AS5715R) English

유도 모터 제어

유도 센서 기술에 기반한 이러한 센서는 회전 타겟을 통해 여자 코일(TX)과 두 개의 리시버 코일(RX) 사이의 커플링을 측정한다. 코일은 인쇄 회로 코일로 실행되고 회전 타겟은 단순한 천공 금속 부품이다. 코일과 타겟의 정확한 배치를 통해 둘 다 모터의 폴 페어 수에 동기화되며, IC 출력은 향상된 분해능과 전기 INL이 0.3°에 불과한 고성능을 바탕으로 하나의 폴 페어 세그먼트 안에서 전기각 위치에 비례한다.

이러한 제품은 유연성, 쉬운 적용성, 낮은 전체 시스템 비용으로 인해 레졸버를 완벽하게 대체하며 축상 및 축외 응용에 사용될 수 있다.