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스마트 조명 매니저는 폐쇄 루프 감지 기능을 추가하여 기존의 스마트 조명 아키텍처에 튜닝 지침을 제공합니다. 센서-허브 확장 기능은 ams의 다양한 환경 센서에 IoT 기능을 추가하기 위한 자체 지원 기능입니다. 네트워크 기능이 없는 버전은 새로운 설계와 변경에 대비하여 독립형 색상/광속 유지 및 일광 기능을 지원합니다.

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Reference Networking

Smart Ltg Command Set

Lux/CCT Control



Datasheet Demo Buy PartNo
AS7210 Standalone daylight sensing and integrated luminaire management Photopic ambient light Retrofit daylighting No n/a n/a Lux hold Master LGA(5x5) AS7210
AS7211 Network-enabled daylight sensing and integrated IoT luminaire management Photopic ambient light IoT daylighting Serial BLE, serial Yes Target lux Master LGA (5x5) AS7211
AS7220 Selectable CCT and lumen output maintained for the life of the luminaire CIE tristimulus XYZ Closed loop CCT and lumen compensation No n/a n/a Flash and hardware configurable Master for added ambient light sensing 20-pin LGA with aperture AS7220
AS7221 Tunable white lighting, simplified! True color XYZ (CIE) CCT tunable luminaires and IoT smart lights Serial BLE, serial Yes CCT/Lux command set Master to support TSL45315 ALS, plus CCS811 VOC, ENS210 T&H LGA (5x5x2.5) AS7221
AS7225 Tunable White and Daylighting Smart Sensor/Director CIE tristimulus XYZ Closed loop color/daylighting tuning Yes, supports high level directive interface Host µP UART commands or I²C register-based parameters Via I²C directives Slave 20-pin LGA with aperture AS7225