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Position Sensing - Steering

Electric Power Steering

Motor Control & Angle Sensing

To achieve better fuel efficiency and reduce CO2 emissions, automakers are rapidly migrating from hydraulic to electronically controlled power steering technology. In power steering applications, ams sensors provide:
• measurements of the angle of rotation of the steering wheel
• measurements for motor control in the power-assisted steering mechanism

Position Sensing - Motor

BLDC Motor

Motor Control

Position sensors from ams used in electronically commutated motors provide for precise control of torque both at start-up and in operation at speeds as high as 28krpm.

Position Sensing - Pedal

Pedal Position Sensor

Angle Sensing

The ams angle sensor solution for pedal modules is a contactless magnetic position sensor which offers best-in-class automotive safety features. It supports vehicle manufacturers in their efforts to comply with the provisions of the ISO26262 safety standard.

Position Sensing - Shiftbywire

Shift by Wire

In a shift-by-wire application, the mechanical linkage from the gear-change lever to the gears is replaced by electronic control. This means the entire shift-by-wire system is safety-critical, including the angle sensor which measures the position of the lever. To meet the safety requirement, ams supplies a completely redundant position sensor comprising two separate sensor dies in a single compact package, in a stacked-die configuration.

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