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As a global leader in innovative light and sensor solutions we offer a unique product and technology portfolio for sensing, illumination and visualization:
from high-performance LEDs and lasers to mixed-signal analog ICs and sensors.
Display Management - OLED

Behind OLED

The mobile handset market will continue to follow the trend to ever higher screen-to-body ratios and ultimately to all-screen, bezel-less smartphones. Technology developed by ams will enable accurate ambient light, color and proximity sensing solutions to operate behind OLED displays used in these next generation mobile handsets. 

Display Management in Computing
The mobile computing market continues to follow the smartphone industrial-design trend of maximizing screen-to-body ratios.

The new TCS3701 enables front-facing ambient light and proximity sensing measurements in smartphones – maximizing edge-to-edge display screen size – with sensor operation under OLED display.

Display Management - Paper Like

Paper-like displays

Accurate XYZ color sensors from ams enable display controllers to shift the white point of the display in response to changes in the color temperature of ambient light: the effect is to make text as readable on the display as it is when printed in a book.


By shifting the display’s white point to a warmer color temperature, in which there is less blue light, the display controller also minimizes eye strain caused by prolonged viewing, and can reduce the risk of sleep disturbance attributable to use of the display.

ams mobile display management paper like
Display Management - small aperture

Small Aperture

An infrared proximity sensor in a mobile phone is used to disable the display when the phone is raised to the user’s ear for a voice call. Proximity sensors from ams operate through a very small aperture: this keeps optical cross-talk to very low levels, almost eliminating the risk of false detection events.

The small aperture optical sensing devices from ams are based on a refined analog front end and digital circuitry, and innovative package design techniques, producing the lowest possible noise floor.

The same ability to operate through a small aperture is provided by the ams ambient light sensing and RGB color sensor products, which support display management functions while enabling new mobile phone designs to benefit from a sleek look with barely visible apertures. TMD3702VC enables to maximize the ratio of display area to body size while retaining front-facing proximity, color and ambient light sensing functions.

ams Light Sensor Color and Proximity Sensor TMD3702VC
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