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As a global leader in innovative light and sensor solutions we offer a unique product and technology portfolio for sensing, illumination and visualization:
from high-performance LEDs and lasers to mixed-signal analog ICs and sensors.
Smart Lighting description

The Smart Lighting Director adds closed-loop sensing, providing tuning directives to an existing smart light architecture. Sensor-hub expansion capabilities include native support for various ams environmental sensors for added IoT flexibility. Non-networked versions support stand-alone color/lumen maintenance and daylighting functions for new designs and retrofits.

Asset Publisher
PartNo Description Datasheet Demo Buy PartNo
AS7225 Tunable White and Daylighting Smart Sensor/Director AS7225
AS7221 Tunable white lighting, simplified! AS7221
AS7220 Selectable CCT and lumen output maintained for the life of the luminaire AS7220
AS7211 Network-enabled daylight sensing and integrated IoT luminaire management AS7211
AS7210 Standalone daylight sensing and integrated luminaire management AS7210