The TARA family of flood-illuminators is designed for a great variety of time-of-flight cameras: from TARASLIM, which is optimized for bezel-less mobile platforms performing face recognition tasks, to TARA2000, which addresses wide-angle gesture-sensing and head-tracking applications in various market segments such as home robotics and automotive.

PartNo Description Wavelength


Field of Illumination



Nominal Output Power


Datasheet Demo Buy PartNo
MERANO-Hybrid Flood Illuminator 940 51*64 5.46*3.6*3.66 3200 MERANO-Hybrid
MERANO-PD IR Laser Flood Illuminator Optimised for 3D Optical Sensing 940 52 (H) * 64 (V) 2.4*3.3*1.2 2100 MERANO-PD
PMSILPlus Flood Illuminator 940 76*60 3*3 1000 PMSILPlus
TARA2000 High-Power Flood Illuminator 850; 940 57ºx41º; 75ºx55º; 102ºx80º 4.1 x 4.1 2000 TARA2000