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Stereoscopic imaging systems, however, often suffer from impaired performance when the scene lacks features: an example is a flat, smooth surface such as a wall.  In such cases, the 3D information captured by stereoscopic imaging systems is typically incomplete or inaccurate. Furthermore, the search for features in the images often results in high computational loading.

Now ams has developed a unique, proprietary solution to this problem. The BELICE infrared illuminator, the most compact dot-projector for stereoscopic imaging available today, produces a very high-contrast dot pattern that stereo-matching algorithms can use to mitigate the problem of lack of texture, and to produce high-accuracy depth maps. The presence of the infrared pattern also considerably reduces the computational load imposed by the software, as it offers many features to facilitate matching of the left and right images.

BELICE enables stereoscopic imaging to be implemented on a variety of platforms, from robotics to mobile devices.

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Dot-Pattern Infrared Illuminator for 3D Stereoscopic Imaging

850 71° x 51° 3.4 x 3.5 250 BELICE

Dot-Pattern Infrared Illumiator for 3D Stereoscopic Imaging

940 78*60 4.2*3.6 250 BELAGO