Inductive Motor Control

Based on the inductive sensor technology, these sensors measure the coupling between an excitation coil (TX) and two receiver coils (RX) via a rotating target. The coils are executed as printed circuit coils and the rotating target is a simple punched metal part. With the correct layout of the coils and the target, both synchronized to the number of pole-pair count of the motor, the IC output is proportional to the electrical angular position within one pole-pair segment with increased resolution and high performance of only 0.3° electrical INL!

Due to its flexibility, easy adaption and low overall system costs, these products act as the perfect resolver replacement and can be used for on-axis as well off-axis applications!

PartNo Description Resolution



Max. Speed


Overvoltage Protection


Supply Voltage


Temperature Range



Automotive Qualified

Datasheet Demo Buy PartNo
AS5715R High performance off-axis inductive position sensor with differential analog SIN/COS output 0.3° elctrical INL I2C Differential analog SIN/COS 100000 (for 4-pole-pair) Yes No 5.0 -40 to 160 TSSOP-14 Yes AS5715R