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AS8579 Capacitive Sensor

Accurate capacitive presence sensing

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HoD video AS8579

Watch the AS8579 capacitive sensor video

With the rise of automated driving, hands-on wheel detection is gaining importance. Besides comfort, the main motivation of driver assistance systems is a safer driving experience. ams OSRAM AS8579 capacitive sensor provides flexible, reliable and long-lasting capacitive sensing for human interaction detection and can also be used in various applications in the Automotive sector for other types of measurements such as fluid levels. This sensor detects capacitive changes between an electrode and its SEN-lines which are attached to a fluid tank and thanks to its contactless measurement method, it also gives information about the fluid level.

Capacitive Sensor AS8579 - demo video

Watch the demo using AS8579 capacitive sensor

The development of new, more sophisticated ADAS functions, and in the future fully or partly autonomous driving systems, promise huge benefits for car users and for society – smoothing traffic flow, the aim of reduced number of accidents in which the driver is at fault, and making road travel more enjoyable. Safety must always come first. ADAS technology requires the driver to stay alert and focused on the road. By introducing the first system for hands-on detection which cannot be fooled, and which works in all driving conditions, ams has made a huge contribution to the safety of the next generation of ADAS-equipped vehicles.

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