Digital Temperature Sensor Demo Kit for AS621x

General Description

The AS621x demo kit offers an easy-to-use exploration of the ams digital temperature sensor. It is Bluetooth enabled to communicate with your device. By downloading the companion app from the App Store or Google Play Store it is possible to modify all settings of the sensor and observe the impact on power consumption and conversion rate. All three demos could be paired up at the same time to find the optimal settings for your needs. It even enables to record a temperature sequence to compare it with different settings of the temperature sensor demo. Finally, the app does provide basic information about the product and helps to understand the principals of the alert mode.
The demo kit consists of an AS621x temperature button and a CR2023 coin cell. By pulling the flap, the demo is enabled and ready to be paired with the app.

Download the latest App here

Technical Documents

Type Description Language
Quick Start Guide AS6212 Demo Quick Start Guide English

Other Information

Type Description Language
Image AS6212 Demo Button image English
Image AS6212 Demo Kit with iOS and Android app logo English

AS621x용 디지털 온도 센서 데모 키트

ams의 최신 온도 센서 AS621x는 작은 웨이퍼 수준의 패키지에 업계 최고의 정확도와 초저전력 소모를 구현합니다. 이 센서는 광범위한 소비자 전자기기와 웨어러블, 의료 관련 모니터링 시스템, 공기조화(HVAC) 시스템에 적용할 수 있습니다.

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