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TARA2000-AUT - Automotive Flood Illuminator

Automotive qualified high-power flood illuminator for 3D ToF and 2D NIR based in-cabin sensing systems


  • >4W optical output power in a pulsed mode
  • Edge-to-Edge high-power illumination over a rectangular field
  • Multiple wavelength and field-of-illumination options
  • Full in-house design for high efficiency and reliability
  • AECQ-102 and ISO26262 ASIL A compliant


  • Increased image quality
  • Reduced footprint on PCB
  • Robustness against sunlight and sunglass reflections
  • Reduced red glow to passengers
  • For ToF systems: High modulation frequency and accuracy

Product parameters

Wavelength [nm] 850, 940
Field of Illumination [°] 46x41 (UN), 59x42 (N), and 125.5x111.5 or 129.5x114.5 (UW)
Footprint [mm] 4.1x4.1x1.38
Nominal Output Power [mW] 4000 @100µs/2%/5A
Longevity Program

General description

The TARA2000-AUT is designed for the new generation of 2D and 3D optical in-cabin sensing applications, where a high power illumination and high signal-to-noise ratio is needed under all circumstances. VCSEL based illumination enables maximum image quality with minimum PCB footprint, and combined with a narrow spectral bandwidth ensures robustness against sunlight and sunglass reflections inside the car. The ultra-compact module is designed and manufactured with ams‘ state-of-the-art opto-electronics component manufacturing processes and is AECQ-102 and ISO26262 compliant, a first in its class.
TARA2000-AUT can be used both for 2D NIR-imaging and for 3D sensing systems such as time-of-flight and stereo vision. Different wavelength options offer flexibility to customers using different optical systems, and multiple FOI options make sure there is a good fit for each application such as driver monitoring, interior monitoring, or gesture sensing.

This product suits for the following applications:

  • 2D and 3D optical in-cabin sensing systems
  • Driver monitoring
  • Gesture sensing
  • Interior monitoring


Title Category Headline Buy
Illuminator Eval Kit Application Board Evaluation Kit for Illuminator Module

Technical documents

Type Description Language
Datasheet TARA2000-850-UW-AUT Datasheet English
Datasheet TARA2000-940-N-AUT Datasheet English
Datasheet TARA2000-940-UN-AUT Datasheet English
Datasheet TARA2000-940-UW-AUT Datasheet English
Product Brief TARA2000-AUT features, benefits, applications English
Other Product Document TARA2000-AUT Starboard Description English

Environmental documents

Type Description Language
RoHS Certificate RoHS Certificate_TARA2000-850-UW-AUT English
RoHS Certificate RoHS Certificate_TARA2000-940-UW-AUT English
RoHS Certificate RoHS Certificate_TARA2000-940-UN-AUT English
RoHS Certificate RoHS Certificate_TARA2000-940-N-AUT English
RoHS Certificate TARA2000-940-W-AUT-SAFE RoHS Certificate English

Other information

Type Description Language
Factsheet Factsheet for TARA2000-AUT English
Factsheet TARA2000-AUT Factsheet (Chinese) Chinese
Factsheet In-Cabin Sensing Illuminators Factsheet English
Image Perspective image of TARA2000-AUT
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