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NanoUSB2 Eval Kit

General description

The USB2 demo kit is the hardware between the camera and the PC and it does the de-serialisation of the data stream that comes from the camera. It allows to control one NanEye 2D camera along with the LED illumination if available on the camera module. The Windows based NanEye Viewer is a software tool that is able to capture images from the camera via USB. It allaows full access to the sensor raw data as well as senor registers. It can perform automatic exposure and illumination control and makes image corrections such as offset, gain correction, demosaic color reconstruction, etc.

Technical documents

Type Description Language
User Guide NanEye Evaluation Kits English

Other information

Type Description Language
Image NanoUSB2 EVK Perspective View1
Image NanoUSB2 EVK Perspective View2
Image NanoUSB2 EVK Perspective View3


Type Description Language
Evaluation Software NanEye_EvalSW_Viewer_pWin_v6-6-3-3.exe This software evaluates the NanEye2D sensor with NanoUSB2.2 and NanEye2D/M sensors with FOB2.0. EN
Demo NanEye2D_EvalSW_API_NanoUSB2_cpackage_pWin_v1-1-3-1.exe C++ / Matlab / .NET C++ and C# API to develop software applications for NanEye2D EN
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