2nd Executive Forum on 3D Sensing for Consumers

2nd Executive Forum on 3D Sensing for Consumers

2019/09/05 - 2019/09/05

Shenzhen, China


2nd Executive Forum on 3D Sensing

This event shows cutting-edge consumer-oriented solutions of the 3D sensing technology and ecosystem.

Tech Talk: 3D Sensing Solutions



While mastering the core technologies across the different 3D sensing fundamental techniques, taking a system approach to building 3D solutions is essential for driving the performance further and solve the integration and complexity challenges with new space requirements e.g. in mobile. With co-design of algorithms and various HW building blocks, cost and performance of known technologies like active stereo can be improved further. Having system capability is also a pre-requisite for evaluating usage of 3D systems in emerging applications, to ensure right availability of technology when the application will get wider adoption, and enables turn-key solutions to add 3D sensing to new applications.


Speaker: Allan Frederiksen, VP System Engineering OSS AT, ams AG


Come and join ams at our speaking slot about 3D Sensing Solutions for the consumer electronics industry!

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