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Dragster Line Scan

CMOS image sensor for machine vision


  • Complete family, different high resolution configurations available
  • Line rates up to 80kHz for all resolutions
  • Completely digital sensor
  • Sensor sales only


  • Allows integration in inspection systems and cameras on the basis of the same electronics
  • Higher inspection machines throughput speed
  • Easy integration
  • Not competing with customers

Product parameters

Resolution [Pixel] 2k - 16k
Pixel Size [µm] 7 x 7; 3.5 x 7
Optical Format / Size 14.74mm x 3.13mm per 2k segment
Shutter Type Global
Line Rate [lines/s] 80k
Output Interface 13 bits Digital Parallel
Option Mono, RGB
Package Ceramic LCC, Invar
Special Features Dual Line, Anti-Blooming, Anti-Corona

General description

Dragster is a digital line-scan sensor using two types of basic elements: a single line element with 7µm x 7µm and 3.5µm x 7µm pixel size, and a dual line element with mono and color option and 7µm x 7µm pixel size.

The readout is made by two 12-bit wide digital taps organized in odd/even order for each 2k segment. For each line segment, all 2k pixels follow the same readout approach.

For sensor versions with 3.5µm pixel pitch, two readout circuits are placed on each side of the pixel line, to lead to a basic segment of 4k pixels, even pixels read out over the bottom readout, odd pixels read out over the top readout.

For compatible sockets from Andon electronics visit

This product suits for the following applications:

  • Automated optical inspection (AOI) in (SMD, PCB, flat panel, web)
  • Industrial sorting (e.g. food)


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Dragster Demo Kit Application Board Dragster Demo Kit


Type Description Language
Evaluation Software Dragster_EvalSW_DragsterEVK_pWin_v1-4-3-4.exe This tool allows the user to change the Dragster sensor registers, when using the Dragster EVK. EN

Technical documents

Type Description Language
Datasheet full datasheet (3.2.8) English
User Guide Dragster EVK User Guide English
Other Product Document RoHS English
Other Product Document Product Catalog CMOS Image Sensors English

Environmental documents

Type Description Language
RoHS Certificate RoHS Certificate Dragster English


Type Description Language
EoL Notification Some specific variants of Dragster (issued 2019-Mar) English
EoL Notification Some specific variants of Dragster (issued 2019-Mar) English
EoL Notification DR16K3.5_Invar_B&W_v5 FT SE (issued 2018-Oct) English
EoL Notification DR4K3.5_Keyence_JST_v1 FT SE English
EoL Notification DR8K3.5_Keyence_JST_v1 FT SE English
EoL Notification DR2K7_Keyence_JST_v1 FT SE English
Product Change Notification PCN05-2020 (Dragster Product Changes) English
Product Change Notification PCN08-2019 (Dragster) English
Product Change Notification CN03-2019 (Molex connectors used on Dragster sensors) English
Product Change Notification DR CN 01 (Dragster) English
Product Change Notification Dragster-PCR-04 English
Product Change Notification Dragster-PCR-01 English
Product Change Notification Dragster-PCR-02 English
Product Change Notification PCN10-2018 (Dragster-PCR-03) English

Other information

Type Description Language
Block Diagram Dragster Block Diagram English
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