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Demo Kit for AS3955

General Description

The purpose of the demonstrator is to show all the features and functionalities of the AS3955. The demonstration works with an Android Smartphone or NFC Reader and an AS3955 tag. The main features of the demonstration are: - Demonstration of a Tag 2 Type (T2T) operation - Demonstration of a Tag 4 Type (T4T) operation - File transfer operation - Energy Harvesting The Evaluation kit allows you to supply all components by the PC USB port. No external supply or battery is needed. Except the USB cable (include) no wiring is needed. This allows a fast and comfortable evaluation of the AS3955. Compatibility This demo works with - AS3955 GP GUI version 4.0.8 or higher and FW 4.0.8 or higher - Android version 5.0 or higher

Technical Documents

Type Description Language
User Guide Standard board DK English

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