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Technology Overview - Lateral Flow Testing

Lateral Flow Testing (LFT)

ams developed an optical readout for improved Lateral Flow Testing (LFT). Simple design and relevant accuracy allows these widely used LFTs to be produced in a cost-effective way at high volumes. Lateral Flow Tests are compact, portable and easy to use. Our small, cost-effective optical module is designed to improve the performance of LFTs.
The technology increases optical sensitivity, accommodating different optical measurement methodologies and allowing multi-analyte detection. The ams optical module contains a spectral sensor and can be integrated into Lateral Flow Tests. A license and support from ams is necessary to use our spectral sensing chip AS7341L. Read more about ams and Senova joining efforts on technology to create point-of-care rapid antibody test for Covid-19.

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3D Sensing

3D センシング

amsは、これらの3Dカメラプラットフォームすべてに赤外線照明ソリューションを提供している唯一の企業です。最先端の垂直面発光レーザ(VCSEL)技術と光学設計とパッケージング機能をベースに、すべての3Dセンシングカメラに特化したソリューションを提供しています:構造化ライトカメラ用ドットパターン照明器 ステレオカメラ、ToFやビデオキャプチャのための広範な洪水照明装置などがあります。



Technology Overview - Advanced Packaging


Chip packaging technologies developed by ams help its state-of-the-art optical devices and position sensor products to achieve very high precision and low-noise performance.


Advanced packaging technologies from ams include:

  • Wafer-level optics, which enable the precise fabrication of lenses for miniature light sources and detectors
  • Through-silicon vias, which radically reduce the height of an optical IC package and eliminate the need for wire bonds
  • System-in-Package (SiP) technology – ams integrates complete position sensor assemblies into a single SiP to save space and eliminate a board assembly process for its customers
Technology Overview - Audio



ams ANC技術は、ノイズキャンセルオーディオ製品のメーカーがスペースと電力を節約し、システムコストを削減することを可能にします。


Technology Overview - CMOS




Technology Overview - MLA


Micro-lens arrays from ams operate as ultra-small projectors which have patterns integrated into the micro-optic lens, producing sharp images in brilliant color.


Used in the automotive sector to cast distinctive light patterns on the road around the perimeter of a car, for instance, the ams micro-lens arrays provide a unique way to project bright, sharp images on flat, angled or curved surfaces.

Technology Overview - POS




Technology Overview - Spectral





  • 時間と温度による耐久性とスペクトル安定性のための干渉フィルター技術
  • 社内フィルタの製造および試験機能
  • 社内のモジュール設計および製造能力
    • 検出器
    • 光源
    • 光路
    • 光学
Technology Overview - VCSEL



  • 非常に小さいピッチでより良い解像度および低コスト
  • 非常に高い効率
  • 低ビーム発散と高効率のための高ビーム品質
  • 高出力、ミリワットから最大 100Wまで