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Technology Overview - Stereo Vision

Stereo Vision

Our active Stereo Vision systems from ams provide high quality 3D imaging, representing an attractive cost versus performance ratio solution.
With the hardware and software stack offered by ams, 3D vision and applications such as face-ID can be easily designed in to a product and brought up to high volume production. 

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Technology Overview - Structured Light


艾迈斯半导体的结构光系统可使 3D 成像应用达到极高的精度。精确的结构光技术是智能手机实现用户脸部识别的支持技术。艾迈斯半导体的结构光产品和设计专业知识可帮助客户迅速进入市场和快速扩大生产规模。

Technology Overview - ToF



Technology Overview - VCSEL


艾迈斯半导体的垂直腔表面发射激光器 (VCSEL) VCSEL 阵列技术提供了多种优势,包括:

  • 极小的间距,实现更好的分辨率和/或更低的成本
  • 极高的效率
  • 高质量光束,实现低光束发散度和高效率
  • 高功率,从毫瓦级到 100W 以上

Technology Overview - CMOS


艾迈斯半导体不断开发新技术来改善其 CMOS 图像传感器的性能。这些技术改进可同时为定制 CMOS 图像传感器开发和标准现成 CMOS 图像传感器产品提供支持。


Technology Overview - Audio


艾迈斯半导体的主动降噪 (ANC) 系统提供高水平的噪音衰减,同时产生极高品质的音频输出。


艾迈斯半导体 ANC 技术使降噪音频产品制造商能够节省空间和功耗,同时降低系统成本。


Technology Overview - Advanced Packaging


Chip packaging technologies developed by ams help its state-of-the-art optical devices and position sensor products to achieve very high precision and low-noise performance.


Advanced packaging technologies from ams include:

  • Wafer-level optics, which enable the precise fabrication of lenses for miniature light sources and detectors
  • Through-silicon vias, which radically reduce the height of an optical IC package and eliminate the need for wire bonds
  • System-in-Package (SiP) technology – ams integrates complete position sensor assemblies into a single SiP to save space and eliminate a board assembly process for its customers

Technology Overview - MOX


艾迈斯半导体的金属氧化物 (MOX) 气体传感技术可提供极高的硅氧烷耐受性,为用户搭建了开发可靠的空气质量监测和气体检测产品的强大平台。


艾迈斯半导体为实际使用基于 MOX 的气体传感技术的客户提供支持长达 12 年,积累了丰富的经验,因而才孕育出卓越的技术。


Technology Overview - POS




Technology Overview - Spectral





  • 干涉滤光片技术,可在宽温度范围内长时间正常使用和保持光谱稳定性
  • 内部制造和测试滤波器的能力
  • 内部设计和制造模块的能力,包括
    • 探测器
    • 光源
    • 光路
    • 光学器件

Technology Overview - MLA


Micro-lens arrays from ams operate as ultra-small projectors which have patterns integrated into the micro-optic lens, producing sharp images in brilliant color.


Used in the automotive sector to cast distinctive light patterns on the road around the perimeter of a car, for instance, the ams micro-lens arrays provide a unique way to project bright, sharp images on flat, angled or curved surfaces.