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パイプライン式のグローバルシャッターセンサーであるams製品群は、プロフェッショナルおよびインダストリーの幅広い要求に対して幅広いフレームレートを特長としています。解像度はVGAから最大50Mpixelです。 ローリング・シャッター・イメージ・センサーは、要求の厳しい産業用アプリケーションで使用するために、71Mpixelの高解像度を搭載しています。


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The CMV8000 is a global shutter CMOS image sensor with 3360 by 2496 pixels in a 4/3“ optical format. The image array consists of 5.5 µm by 5.5 µm pipelined global shutter pixels, which allow exposure during read out while performing CDS operation reducing fixed pattern and dark noise significantly. The CMV8000 has 16 digital LVDS outputs (serial) each running at 600 Mbps, which results in 104 fps frame rate at full resolution in 10-bit mode. Higher frame rates can be achieved in row-windowing mode or row-subsampling mode. A 12-bit per pixel mode is available at reduced frame rates.

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The CMV20000 is a high sensitivity pipelined global shutter CMOS image sensor with a resolution of 5120 x 3840 pixels. Pipelining means that exposure during read out is possible. The state-of-the- art pixel design makes true correlated double sampling (CDS) possible which reduces the fixed pattern noise and dark noise significantly. The imager integrates 16 LVDS channels each running at 480Mbps resulting in a 30fps frame rate at full resolution (12 bits per pixel). Driving and read-out programming can be set over a serial peripheral interface. An internal timing generator produces the signals needed for read- out and exposure of the image sensor while external exposure triggering remains possible. The CMV20000 is derived from a custom CMOS image sensor. This sensor is not for sale for traffic applications.

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The CMV50000 is a high speed CMOS image sensor with 7920 x 6004 effective pixels (47.5Mp) developed for machine vision and video applications. The image array consists of 4.6μm pipelined 8T global shutter pixels which allow exposure during read out, while performing true CDS (Correlated Double Sampling) operation. The image sensor has 22 12bit sub-LVDS data outputs. The image sensor also integrates a programmable analog gain amplifier and offset regulation. Each output channel runs up to 830 Mbps maximum which results in 30 fps frame rate at full resolution in 12 bit. Higher frame rates can be achieved in row-windowing mode or row-subsampling mode. These modes are all programmable using the SPI interface. All internal exposure and read out timings are generated by a programmable on-board sequencer. External triggering and exposure programming is also possible. Extended optical dynamic range can be achieved by a dual exposure HDR mode.

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amsのCMOSラインスキャンイメージセンサー群は、23種類のバリエーションで構成されており、解像度とピクセルサイズの仕様範囲を提供しています。解像度オプションの範囲は2kpixelsから16kpixelsまでで、ラインレートは80,000 lines / sまでです。


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Dragster is a digital line-scan sensor using two types of basic elements: a single line element with 7µm x 7µm and 3.5µm x 3.5µm pixel size, and a dual line element with mono and color option and 7µm x 7µm pixel size.

The readout is made by two 12-bit wide digital taps organized in odd/even order for each 2k segment. For each line segment, all 2k pixels follow the same readout approach.

For sensor versions with 3.5µm pixel pitch, two readout circuits are placed on each side of the pixel line, to lead to a basic segment of 4k pixels, even pixels read out over the bottom readout, odd pixels read out over the top readout.

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NanEye is a miniature sized image sensor for applications where size is a critical factor. The ability of the camera head to drive a signal through a cable up to 3m makes this the ideal component for minimal diameter endoscopes.
With a footprint of just 1mmx1mm, it features a 249x250 resolution with a high sensitive 3um x 3um rolling shutter pixel. The sensor has a high frame rate of about 43fps to 62fps adjustable over power supply.
The sensor includes a 10bit ADC and a bit serial LVDS data interface.
The data line is semi duplex, such that configuration can be communicated to the sensor in the frame brake.


NanEye Stereo offers the smallest physical dimensions of a digital 3D solution, a true system on chip camera head with fully self timed readout sequencing, AD conversion to 10 bit and bit serial data transmission over LVDS. With it’s 2 x 250 x 250 pixels at 3um pitch and footprint of just 2.2x1mm and height of 1.78mm with integrated optics comprises high aligment of the 2 cameras heads due to wafer level packaging. Futhermore, frame synchronization is also possible.

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