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As a global leader in innovative light and sensor solutions we offer a unique product and technology portfolio for sensing, illumination and visualization:
from high-performance LEDs and lasers to mixed-signal analog ICs and sensors.
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3D Sensor Technology for Industrial Markets and Applications

ams is making its industry-leading mobile 3D sensor technology, IP and technology expertise available to the industrial market paving the way for Industry 5.0, where machines and humans directly interact, using 3D technology based on all three forms:

Learn more about how our 3D sensor technology is helping to shape new industrial markets and applications, including: access control; autonomous robots for the home and industrial use; secure and touchless 3D authentication at e-payment point-of-service; drone implementation, volume scanning, Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR) and industry  automation. ams provides complete solutions for 3D sensing along with highly integrated miniature 1D ToF modules which enable high speed precision distance measurements.

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Machine Vision

Machine vision encompasses a wide range of applications. One example is automatic optical inspection for quality control. High resolution, high frames per second, and image quality are essential. ams offers several product families addressing today’s need for various machine-vision applications and use cases.

A more recent application is the vision of the environment for ever more complex autonomous robots and cobots. This equipment benefits from accurate 2D, and ideally 3D visualizations of the environment and object to be worked with. Near infrared illumination, both with flood- and high-contrast dot illuminators, combined with sensitive NIR image sensors enables compact, cost effective, and high-performance 3D systems immune to uncontrolled illumination conditions. ams is a leader for VCSEL-based illuminators and high quantum efficiency NIR image sensors.

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Industrial and Security X-ray

The technology of X-ray scanning is most closely associated in most people’s minds with medical examinations. In fact, X-ray imaging also plays a vital role in other everyday activities.

For instance, X-ray machines are used to scan luggage at the airport. Both hand luggage and checked-in baggage destined for the hold are scanned to detect potentially dangerous objects. Another application is the detection of harmful objects on the production line in factories producing goods such as pharmaceuticals or food. X-ray imaging is also used in quality assurance for precise mechanical operations such as welding or PCB assembly, and in automotive non-destructive testing.

ams signal-chain technology and products are ideal for any of these applications. Our technology enables the acquisition of high resolution images at high scanning speed while minimizing power consumption. Customers use ams’ products in X-ray imaging solutions which detect potentially harmful objects more reliably and precisely while increasing throughput. For the end user, this results in more effective performance at lower cost.

Industrial Robotics

Industrial Robotics

Industrial robotics can replace or augment human activity to perform dangerous or repetitive tasks allowing for greater flexibility and accuracy. In the future, robots will not only take over more tedious tasks, they will have the ability to interact with humans. Smart robots have the capability to scan the surroundings, avoid collisions, recognize and even identify humans. The motor drives perform smoothly and precisely, with the robot system requiring less power, resulting in longer battery life. Engineers are focused on designing intelligent robots that can help and assist humans in day-to-day activities, improving productivity, product quality and worker safety.

The market opportunity for smart robots spans from goods and packing robots in production lines (e.g. automotive manufacturers) to automated guided vehicles in warehouses and beyond controlled environments (e.g. goods delivery robots).

ams' sensor and illumination solutions are the best choice to increase the performance and precision of robots making them smarter. Our wide portfolio of sensors includes accurate yet compact time-of-flight distance measurement sensors, 3D-imaging sensors (path scanning sensors, human face recognition, object avoidance) and position sensors (motor drive and joint position sensing).


Home and Building Automation (HABA)

Automation in our homes and commercial spaces is more than just using a smart device to control the lights, set the thermostat, or lock the doors. Building integration is the critical intersection between the Internet of Things and the people the IoT serves. Sensing and real-world data gathering enables our built spaces to respond with efficiency, convenience, and productivity and contribute to our well-being. The future home is automatic, fulfilling tasks intuitive to its inhabitants.

Whether it’s facial recognition securely opening the door for you (and only you), anticipating the best temperature for those currently in the room, reminding you which leftovers must be eaten now and what needs to be added to the shopping list, or delivering ‘just right’ clothes-washing conditions every time: this all comes true with the right set of sensors. The ams portfolio covers a comprehensive range: from high resolution to ultra-compact image and time-of-flight sensors for facial recognition and presence detection; to temperature and precision position sensors and controllers to multi-spectral optical sensing for ambient light characterization, material and fabric sensing, or water-quality monitoring.