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Technology Overview - Structured Light

Structured Light

Structured light systems from ams enable 3D imaging applications to achieve extremely high accuracy. Accurate structured light technology is behind the user face recognition being implemented in smartphones. Structured light products and design expertise from ams help customers get to market quickly and scale up production rapidly.


Technology Overview - ToF

Time-of-Flight Sensing

Low-power time-of-flight sensing technology from ams enables host systems to measure distances accurately and at very high speed. Accurate distance measurements are used in various applications including presence detection, user face recognition and advanced cameras.


Technology Overview - VCSEL

Technology Overview - CMOS

CMOS Imaging

ams continuously develops new technology to improve the performance of its CMOS image sensors. These technology improvements support both custom CMOS image sensor developments and standard, off-the-shelf CMOS image sensor products.


Technology Overview - Audio

Audio Sensing

The use of visual Augmented Reality technology is becoming more important in everyday life applications. Thereby, ams has extended its audio portfolio with the introduction of its Digital Augmented Hearing solutions - which significantly enhance the audio experience of consumers in different environments.

Technology Overview - Advanced Packaging

Advanced Packaging

Chip packaging technologies developed by ams help its state-of-the-art optical devices and position sensor products to achieve very high precision and low-noise performance.


Advanced packaging technologies from ams include:

  • Wafer-level optics, which enable the precise fabrication of lenses for miniature light sources and detectors
  • Through-silicon vias, which radically reduce the height of an optical IC package and eliminate the need for wire bonds
  • System-in-Package (SiP) technology – ams integrates complete position sensor assemblies into a single SiP to save space and eliminate a board assembly process for its customers

Technology Overview - MOX

Metal-oxid Sensors

Metal-oxide (MOX) gas sensing technology from ams offers very high tolerance of siloxanes and gives users the most robust platform for the development of reliable air-quality monitoring and gas detection products.


The superior ams technology is backed by more than 12 years’ experience of supporting customers with the real-world implementation of MOX-based gas sensing technology.


Technology Overview - POS

Position Sensing

Contactless position sensors from ams offer best-in-class immunity to magnetic stray fields, superior durability and compliance with the most stringent safety requirements.


Technology Overview - Spectral

Spectral Sensing

By shining light on or through objects and by looking at the reflected or transmitted spectrum, a sensor system can detect or classify what it is looking at.


Advantages of ams spectral sensing technology:

  • Interference filter technology for durability and spectral stability over time and temperature
  • In-house filter manufacturing and testing capability
  • In-house module design and manufacturing capability including
    • Detectors
    • Light source
    • Light path
    • Optics

Technology Overview - MLA

Micro-lens Arrays

Micro-lens arrays from ams operate as ultra-small projectors which have patterns integrated into the micro-optic lens, producing sharp images in brilliant color.


Used in the automotive sector to cast distinctive light patterns on the road around the perimeter of a car, for instance, the ams micro-lens arrays provide a unique way to project bright, sharp images on flat, angled or curved surfaces.