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Enabling automotive design engineers to use projected lighting to communicate with car- and road-users beyond the simple and straightforward illumination functions available today.

projected lighting in automotive

The micro-lenses offer a long focal depth, which means that an array can project a focused image on to a parallel, slanted or curved surface.


Micro-lens arrays may be configured to provide a bright output in an extremely low-profile form factor. In conventional projector technology, the higher the brightness required, the larger the projector. By contrast, micro-lens arrays can be arranged next to each other so that their images overlap to create a brighter picture, while the thickness of the projector, typically 3mm, remains the same.


Micro-lens array technology from ams is in use in the automotive sector and in various non-automotive applications.

micro-lens array technology

Automotive applications

  • Slim headlights
  • Grille lighting (front and back)
  • Brake warning light
  • Perimeter warning light for autonomous parking
  • Perimeter lighting for autonomous vehicle operation
  • Interior vehicle lighting
  • Animated lighting

Unique light patterns can be projected including:

  • Custom patterns
  • Corporate logos
  • Complex still images or graphics
  • Color images