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艾迈斯半导体的干涉测量滤光片具有光谱特性,适用于可见光和近红外 (NIR) 范围的各种应用。随着提供更高通道数量和分辨率的新型传感器的发展,越来越多的应用开始走出实验室并进入移动和消费设备。

Spectral Ambient Light Source Detection

Spectral ALS with Light Source Detection improves Automatic White Point Balance

Finding the ideal Correlated Color Temperature (CCT) or White Point value for specific scenes can be very difficult. Diverse light sources and conditions can distort the color and quality of an image and mixed light sources increase this effect. Even normal objects in a room or scene distort the perceived CCT value, from the actual value of the light source (red wall, blue sky, green forest). Flickering light sources or background items like displays affect the quality of an image.

Spectral Ambient Light Sensors measure the light source and perform a spectral estimation of the CCT vs. the distortion effects of other influences. The system can now use the measured value alongside with the detected light source to find an ideal white point CCT value. An integrated flicker chip can eliminate environmental flicker effects and synchronize the cameras shutter times. This sensor enables the measurement of the Color Rendering Index (CRI) value of an image. The Spectral ALS Sensor activates post-processing improvement options.  Find out more about our spectral sensors and download our chip-scale white paper.

Tech Spectral Sensing - Features


  • 超小型封装
  • 晶圆级滤波器沉积
  • 专用沉积设备,可用于坚固的无机滤波器
  • 大批量生产和光学传感器测试
  • 提供标准和定制版滤光片组

Tech Spectral Sensing - Benefits


  • 将光谱实验室带入采样领域
  • 实现极小化 PCB 设计
  • 降低物料清单成本,催生众多全新应用
  • 高度稳定的滤波器特性
  • 满足移动应用的低功耗要求