PartNo Description Application

Primary Function




Input Related Noise

Min. Power Consumption

mW per Channel

Min. Integration Time / Line Time



Datasheet Demo Buy PartNo
AS5950 16-slice CT sensor chip with photodiodes and readout circuit Medical, Industrial and Security CT scanners 16-Slice CT Sensor 64 channels 25 0.20 fC 0.65 200 Die on Foil AS5950
AS5900 128-channel low noise current-to-digital converter Medical, industrial and security X-ray scanner Current-to-digital Converter 128-channel 26 0.51 fC 1 50 FBGA248 (10mm x 10mm) AS5900
AS5850A 256-channel low-noise charge-to-digital converter Medical Imaging, Digital Radiography Charge-to-digital Converter 256 (240) 16 500 electrons 1.1 - 3.1 15 Chip on Flex AS5850A