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2021/01/26 - 2021/01/26


정전식 센서 기술에 대한 핸즈 오프 감지 웨비나

이 웨비나에 참여하여 ams의 혁신적인 정전식 센싱 기술이 어떻게 핸즈 오프 감지를 위해 더욱 신뢰할 수 있고 안전한 솔루션을 제공하는지 알아보십시오.

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2021/09/01 - 2021/09/03

Shenzhen World Exhibition & Convention Center

The 23rd China International Optoelectronic EXPO (CIOE 2021)

CIOE is the world’s leading optoelectronic exhibition and is annually held in Shenzhen, China since 1999.

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2020/12/16 - 2021/08/31


Webinar Digital Temperature Sensors

On demand webinar: Digital temperature sensors – Learn about the unique features of digital temperature sensors and their use cases in medical and consumer applications.

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2021/05/26 - 2021/07/31


Automotive Engineering Exposition 2021 ONLINE

Please join this virtual event where ams OSRAM's automotive technologies will be exposed for automotive customers.

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2021/07/29 - 2021/07/29

3rd Floor, Conference Center, Unit 4, Building B, Kexing Science Park, No.15, Keyuan Road, Nanshan District, Shenzhen

China Smart Wearable Summit 2021

The 2021 China Smart Wearable Summit will bring together hundreds of high-quality service providers in the smart wearable industry, as well as thousands of buyers and industry practitioners to participate; nearly a hundred of the latest smart wearable products will be exhibited; more than 10 experts from famous brands in the industry will share their experience.

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과거 사건들

2021/07/23 - 2021/07/23

Shenzhen Gems Cube International Hotel

3rd International Camera Conference 2021

The 3rd International Camera Conference 2021 is mainly designed to accelerate the implementation of visual technology by using algorithms, solutions, optical components and new materials in new markets.

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2021/07/02 - 2021/07/02

1-1-1 Minato Mirai, Nishi-ku, Yokohama 220-0012, Japan / Pacifico Yokohama, Annex Hall F204

OPIE 2021 (OPTICS & PHOTONICS International Exhibition 2021)

OPIE is one of the largest exhibitions in Japan specialized for the photonics industrial sector. It has been regarded as the best opportunity for visitors to be here looking for “what’s new this year” and trend of technology related with their research, development and design activity.

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2021/06/30 - 2021/06/30

2021 Mouser Electronics Technology Innovation Week

Chinese Webinar: ams OSRAM ToF Sensors and Color Sensors Applied to the IoT Market

ams OSRAM will combine product advantages and performance characteristics in this speech, and discuss the future applications and market trends of Internet of Things.

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2021/06/23 - 2021/06/23


Chinese Webinar: ams OSRAM sensors on wearable health monitoring

As the world's leading optical sensor solution company, we offer a broader product portfolio and evolving products to progress the advancement of health monitoring capabilities.

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2020/11/16 - 2021/03/31

주문형 온라인 컨퍼런스

Sensors Innovation Week의 측면 흐름 Tech Talk

팬데믹 통제 구현에 대한 ams의 기조 연설 보기: ams의 분광 센싱 기술 혁신에 기반한 코로나19 통제를 위한 신속한 액세스, 정확성 및 앱-클라우드 연결 향상

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2021/05/19 - 2021/05/19


Chinese Webinar: Efficiently use ams' NanEye series to develop disposable medical endoscopes

To meet the needs of the disposable endoscope market, the NanEye series of micro-camera modules provided by ams and OSRAM can help customers to quickly develop market-competitive disposable endoscope products.

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2021/03/24 - 2021/03/24


Image Sensors Europe - virtual session on near infrared 3D sensing

Join this virtual session to learn about our near infrared 3D sensing technology.

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2021/03/17 - 2021/03/18


SIA Vision 2021

Online visitors will experience ams' Micro Lens Array projection technology and can learn about OSRAM's mockup and demonstrator of a high resolution Active Pixel-LED headlamp with 100k pixel performance.​

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2021/02/23 - 2021/02/25

SNIEC, Shanghai, China

MWC Shanghai 2021

Join ams at the MWC Shanghai 2021 and find out more about our cutting-edge sensor technologies

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2021/02/02 - 2021/02/02

Online Conference

Rapid Methods Europe (RME) 2021 - Keynote about spectral sensing

Meet ams at the Virtual Conference Rapid Methods Europe 2021 presenting our spectral sensing technology in digital Lateral Flow Testing (LFT).

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2021/01/11 - 2021/01/14


CES 2021

Online visitors will experience online demos and learn about our sensor solutions for automotive, mobile, and consumer.

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2020/09/17 - 2020/12/31


Webinar: How ams spectral sensing technology innovation enables improved methods of rapid testing for COVID-19

Join our webinar about ams’ innovative spectral sensing technology to create point-of-care rapid antibody tests for COVID-19.

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2020/10/09 - 2020/12/30

Online Event

Lange Nacht der Forschung - Long Night of Research

Meet ams at the Long Night of Research which is taking place online this year.

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2020/12/09 - 2020/12/09


Wearable Products Webinar in Chinese

Introducing ams' leading biosensor and optical sensor solutions for wearable products.

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2020/11/25 - 2020/11/26

Online Forum

European Forum for Electronic Components and Systems

European Forum for Electronic Components and Systems provides participants a unique opportunity to engage with the leaders and enablers of Europe's Digital Economy.

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2020/11/25 - 2020/11/25


1D ToF Related Webinars in Chinese

This is a collection for all 1D ToF related Chinese webinars proudly presented by ams.

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2020/10/01 - 2020/11/22

Online Event

On-demand webinar: ams' 1D Time-of-Flight sensors at Arrow's World of Industry 4.0

Meet ams at this virtual event showcasing our award-winning 1D Time-of-Flight sensor family for industrial applications.

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2020/11/09 - 2020/11/12


Electronica Virtual

Online visitors will experience interactive demos and learn about ams' sensor solutions for automotive, medical, industrial, mobile and consumer.

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2020/03/11 - 2020/03/11

TU Graz, Austria

Sensor Innovation Challenge

Meet us at the info event for the ams Sensor Innovation Challenge - a collaboration with the Institute of Electrical Measurement and Sensor Systems of the University of Technology Graz. 

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2020/10/13 - 2020/10/14

Online Conference

China International Semiconductor Executive Summit (CISES) - Spectral Sensing Speech

Meet ams at the virtual China International Semiconductor Executive Summit (CISES) presenting our sensor technology in digital LFT.

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2020/10/07 - 2020/10/07

Online Conference

Tech Talk at the Austrochip - Austrian Workshop on Microelectronics

This annual forum presents the latest research results in the area of microelectronics and integrated circuits in Austria.

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2020/07/16 - 2020/09/05

Online conference

Sensors Innovation Week - sessions available on-demand

Meet us at this virtual event which welcomes engineers who are looking to get a competitive edge on all of the latest trends and technology applications.

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2020/08/26 - 2020/08/28

European Forum Alpbach

TU Austria Innovation Marathon for students

ams is taking part in the TU Austria Innovation Marathon for the second time.

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2020/08/11 - 2020/08/11

Seminar @ 15:15-15:55pm CST (China Standard Time)

Sensor Technology Forum

Join Daniel Lee, General Manager of ams in Taiwan for his speech "Machine Vision is more powerful: 3D depth sensing creates new industrial applications."

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2020/08/05 - 2020/08/08

Online Webinar

Webinar Navigating the New Normal in the Semiconductor Sector

Join Roxane Desmicht, our VP Global Supply Chain Management, as she shares her perspectives on how the pandemic is affecting the semiconductor industry.

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2020/07/16 - 2020/07/18

Online Conference

Virtual Supply Chain Summit

Roxane Desmicht our VP Global Supply Chain Management was invited to a panel on data and making right decisions in Supply Chain.

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2020/07/09 - 2020/07/09

Webinar @10am BST

Chinese Webinar: ams ANC and proximity sensing bring a new earbuds design

ams digital augmented hearing solutions optimizes the design of loose fit earphones. Combined with ams optical proximity in-ear detection solutions and innovative capacitive touch interactions to assist customers in the design of the best earphones.

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2020/06/30 - 2020/06/30

Webinar @10am BST

Chinese Webinar: A new generation of vital signs sensors empowers wearable devices

This webinar will combine ams's latest vital sign sensing technology and innovative products to discuss the design direction and market trends of wearable medical and portable medical devices.

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2020/06/08 - 2020/06/10

Online conference

International SPAD Sensor Workshop (ISSW) 2020

Meet us at this virtual event which welcomes all researchers, practitioners and educators interested in SPADs, SPAD imagers, and associated applications.

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2019/04/16 - 2020/04/30

online webinar

Webinar: Driving Electrification using Position Sensors

Enabling automotive design engineers to guarantee safety, reliability and durability via contactless position sensor solutions with built-in magnetic immunity.

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2020/04/10 - 2020/04/10

Live Talk at 10:00am - 11:30am Beijing Time

Chinese Live Talk: Active Noise Cancellation for True Wireless Stereo earbud designs

Hear what you want to hear, ANC technology greatly reduces the level of unwanted noise from the environment

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2020/02/20 - 2020/02/21

Centre du Parc, Rue Marconi 19, 1920 Martigny, Switzerland

EAB Workshop on Presentation Attack Detection (PAD)

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2020/01/27 - 2020/01/29

Dresden, Germany

3D & Systems Summit

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2020/01/15 - 2020/01/17

Tokyo Big Sight Japan


ams will demonstrate ams latest technology and products in automotive

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2019/12/04 - 2019/12/06

PACIFICO YOKOHAMA Hall D, 1-1-1 Minato Mirai, Nishi-ku, Yokohama 220-0012, Japan

International Technical Exhibition on Image Technology and Equipment 2019

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2019/12/04 - 2019/12/04


Chinese Webinar: ams spectral sensing technology and applications

Analyze material and color, ams spectral sensors easy to do

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2019/11/12 - 2019/11/12

Munich, Germany

MEMS World Summit 2019

Verena Vescoli was invited to give a presentation on smart sensor solutions for mobile health monitoring.

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2019/11/07 - 2019/11/07

Sheraton Shenzhen Futian Hotel

Meet ams at Global CEO Summit 2019

Intelligent Sensors: Technology for a better lifestyle

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2019/09/26 - 2020/03/31

Online Webinar

Webinar on demand: Communicating with Projected Lighting in Automotive

Enabling automotive design engineers to use projected lighting to communicate with car- and road-users beyond the simple and straightforward illumination functions available today.

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2019/10/24 - 2019/10/24

FH Technikum, Vienna

Austrochip 2019

This annual conference presents the latest activities in the area of microelectronics and integrated circuits in Austria and its neighboring countries.

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2019/09/06 - 2019/09/06

Fairmont Peace Hotel Shanghai

CISES 2019

Jennifer Zhao was invited as visionary speaker at CISES 2019

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2019/09/05 - 2019/09/05

Shenzhen, China

2nd Executive Forum on 3D Sensing for Consumers

This event shows cutting-edge consumer-oriented solutions of the 3D sensing technology and ecosystem.

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2019/08/29 - 2019/08/29

London, United Kingdom

The 7th International Symposium of “Dialogue For Global Innovation”

This symposium brings science and practice from Japan and Europe together to discuss latest achievements and insights into business.

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2019/06/26 - 2019/06/28

Shanghai. China

MWC Shanghai 2019

At the MWC Shanghai 2019 you will see the cutting-edge sensor technologies today for your differentiated solutions of tomorrow.

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2019/06/26 - 2019/06/27

McEnery Convention Center, 301 South Market Street, 95113 San Jose CA, USA

Sensors Expo 2019

Meet us at North America’s largest event dedicated to sensors and sensor technologies.

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2019/03/26 - 2019/03/27

Brussels, Belgium

Sensor Solutions 2019 International Conference

The conference attracts industry leading experts from all the major companies involved in the sensors industry.

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2019/03/20 - 2019/03/22

Shanghai, China

Electronica China 2019

World's leading trade fair and conference for electronics.

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2019/02/25 - 2019/02/28

Barcelona, Spain

MWC 2019

At the Mobile World Congress you will see the cutting-edge sensor technologies today for your differentiated solutions of tomorrow.

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2019/02/21 - 2019/02/22

Munich, Germany

Automotive Sensors and Electronics Summit

A multifunctional platform for leaders in the automotive sensors and electronics community

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2019/02/05 - 2019/02/07

Anaheim, CA, USA

MD&M West 2019

Stay ahead in the global medical manufacturing community.

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2019/02/05 - 2019/02/07

San Francisco CA, USA

Photonics West 2019

The world's largest photonics technologies event.

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2019/01/08 - 2019/01/11

Las Vegas, NV, USA

CES 2019

CES is the world's gathering place for all those who thrive on the business of consumer technologies.

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