Global CEO Summit 2019

Meet ams at Global CEO Summit 2019

2019/11/07 - 2019/11/07

Sheraton Shenzhen Futian Hotel

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Intelligent Sensors: Technology for a better lifestyle

Global CEO Summit gathers both domestic and foreign electronics industry leaders, managers, elites of technical design, and decision makers to discuss future technology and market trends. This is a chance to have a look at the charisma of CEOs, the demeanor of leaders, the leading viewpoints, Chinese intelligent manufacturing market and hotspot. 
Along with the slowdown of Moore’s Law, cutting-edge technology now is not the only focus catches people’s attention. Innovation eventually turns into the creation of differentiation, however, connection keeps everything in control. Chinese engineers have welcomed and absorbed all leading technology around the world, while Chinese users are willing to take the plunge and build up their tolerance for new technology. The Second Global CEO Summit will still held in Shenzhen, which is in the top list of GII, Global Innovation Index. There will be global industry pioneers and innovators converge in Shenzhen to take up the most popular topics about technology under a new round of technology shock, search for the creation of differentiation, and define precisely the next electronic products. 


Intelligent Sensors: Technology for a better lifestyle


There are billions of devices currently in use and the market showing no signs of slowing down. This provides the industry great opportunity, and an even greater responsibility to create technology that enables more than connectivity, productivity and efficiency. We need technology that helps do “good”. From sensor technology such as LiDAR which is aimed at autonomous driving and saving lives, through to 3D technology, which helps identify a passenger size and weight for accurate and safer airbag deployment. Spectral sensors can ease clothing recycling challenges, and accurate biometric sensors can enable us to lead healthier lifestyles, and be an accessory to preventative medicine. Our industry we need to accept the challenge of finding usage cases that help create a better, greener and healthier lifestyle for us all. The ability to obtain real-time sensor data is changing our lives, from the face of businesses around the globe, allowing companies to become more sustainable, competitive, efficient and profitable through to how we live. From self-driving cars, medical devices and recycling, to recent breakthroughs in audio, sensors have brought the IoT from sci-fi to reality. As a keynote speaker, ams CEO Alexander Everke will discuss how tiny, intelligent, sophisticated sensors are changing the world as we know it. Alexander will also paint a picture of how sensors are not only changing the world, but also playing a significant role in saving it by creating safer, cleaner environments.